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El-Hazard: The Magnificent World OVA

The First Night: Battlefield of Confusion

It all begins with the discovery of mysterious ruins beneath the school...
Meet Makoto Mizuhara, an ordinary Japanese high school student. Katsuhiko Jinnai, a not-so-ordinary high school student, has somehow gotten it into his head tha tMakoto is his destined rival, and hatches plot after plot against him. Makoto's never given Jinnai any reason to believe this, but that doesn't stop Jinnai from luring Makoto to the school late one night for his own nefarious reasons.

Once at the schoolyard, Makoto is summoned by a mysterious woman who shows him the way to El-Hazard, The Magnificent World. Pulled this way and that by the threads of destiny, Makoto and several others venture into this incredible new land. Waht amazing adventures lie in store...?

Directed by Tenchi-Muyo!'s Hiroki Hayashi, El-Hazard is a wacky new action-packed romantic comedy limited only by your imagination. Come join the fun waiting for you in the magnificent world of El-Hazard!

The Second Night: The World of Beautiful Girls

A mysterious power transports Makoto and the others to this magnificent other world. Because Makoto bears such a strong resemblance to the missing Princess Fatora, he winds up being persuaded to impersonate her. Together, the group heads to Mt. Muldoon, where the three priestesses capable of releasing the seal on a weapon capable of stopping the Bugrom invasion, the "Eye of God," reside. With Makoto dressed as the princess, Fatora's lover Alielle and mountaineering freak Mr. Fujisawa join the expedition and set off for the mountain. Of course, what none of them know is that Jinnai, now a part of the Bugrom invasion, is waiting in their path, along with another mysterious figure dead-set on stopping their progress.... It's the second installment in the series where beautiful girls and ambition run wild!

The Third Night: The World of Hot Springs

After being left to their own devices at Mt. Muldoon by the priestesses, Makoto & Co. Must chase the fleeing due to the spot where the annual Purification Ceremony is held. (And thus, their journey continues....) On the other side of a cast desert is the sacred land where the Spring of Arliman is located, and that's where our group ends up. There, Makoto & Co. Meet one of the three priestesses: Miz. Although she's looking forward to getting married soon, Miz falls instantly head over heels for Mr. Fujisawa. Later, with the arrival of Shayla-Shayla, the group goes for a relaxing dip in the hot spring. Elsewhere, Jinnai (now the center of attention of the enemy camp) decides to go after the forbidden weapon of El-Hazard. The plot thickens and situations begin to go off in unexpected directiosn.

The Fourth Night: The World of The Demon God

The ancient legends told of a forbidden island and its feared inhabitant, Ifurita, The Demon God. Only three high priestesses of El-Hazard know of its location. But word has it that Jinnai and his legion of Bugrom soldiers are rushing on their way to the legendary island. The priestesses, along with Makoto, must race to reach it first. Because whoever awakens the slumbering god shall control the being and all its tremendous power--an ultimate weapon in the worrg hands! Upon arrival at the island, Makoto and the priestesses learn they've been duped into guiding their enemy to the island.

Conflict erupts on all sides: priestesses battle Bugrom, Nanami has a confrontational reunion with her brother, and Makoto encounters the full force of Jinnai's envy. In the midst of this chaos and confusion, Ifurita awakens. Makoto is astonished to discover that the Demon God is none other than the beautiful, mysterious woman who transported him to El-Hazard!
On the fourth night, the tempest is just beginning!

The Fifth Night: The World of Thunder

The legendary Demon God, Ifurita, has awakened. Serving her new master Jinnai, she begins a campaign of devastation throughout the land of El-Hazard. Diminished in strength and facing imminent destruction, the allies turn to their last resort: their doomsday weapon, The Eye of God. Meanwhile, Shayla, one of the three priestesses, has her own problem. She's smitten with Makoto and vies for his affections along with Nanami. Frustrated by Makoto's lack of romantic interest, Shayla joins Mr. Fujisawa in a drunken binge.

Jinnai, the new Commander-in-Chief of the Bugrom, launches an attack on the palace hoping to conquer Roshtaria. The true identity of Galus, a member of the Phantom Tribe, is uncovered. The story unfolds with the revelation of Makoto's special abilities and climaxes with another encounter with Ifurita.
Anything could happen on the fifth night. How will the tables turn?

The Sixth Night: The World of Gleming Light

Consumed by an uncontrollable rage, Ifurita attacked the royal palace of Roshtaria. Now, the three priestesses try to oppose her, but they cannot match the furious power of the Demon-god. As Ifurita tries to vanquish the three priestesses, Makoto springs toward her, and their memories and psyches suddenly intermingle. Ifurita, who has seen her past, loses her will to fight and flees. Meanwhile, as Jinnai's El-Hazard invasion plans reach fruition, the Phantom Tribe initiates its operation to steal the Eye of God. Makoto becomes love-sick over Ifurita, which makes Nanami and Shayla jealous. As it nears its climax, we promise that episode six will blow your mind!

The Seventh Night: The World of Endless Adventures

The Eye of God was activated by the Phantom Tribe, but Princess Fatora, who could manipulate the Eye, was abducted by Ifurita. Now the evil Jinnai, who orchestrated Fatora's kidnapping, threatens the alliance and demands their immediate surrender. Makoto, the three Priestesses, and a rescue party journey into the Bugrom Fortress to save their helpless Princess Fatora. Within the Fortress, Jinnai orders Ifurita to aim her weapon at Makoto and fire. Can Makoto save her soul? El-Hazard's ultimate destiny will be decided by this final contest of wills. This action-packed last episode plummets you like a roller coaster into the heart of a raging storm!

All text from the box of the Pioneer Entertainment release.

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