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Anime Briefs: April 2002
By Chris Foster and Ever Cheung

English Bebop Cast to Return has updated that a 'reliable' but anonymous source has told them that the voice actors used in Bandai's American release of Bebop will be the same as those used in the Bebop movie Knockin' on Heaven's Door. This may give some more truth to the original statement by Columbia about keeping the dub consistent.

Princess Web

ADV Films has unveiled a new website dedicated to one of their newer releases Princess Nine. The comedy about a female baseball team currently has three volumes out. The site can be found at


Enix.COM gave the sad news to everyone about Dragon Warrior 4 for the GameBoy Color. Production on the game was halted to concentrate on next generation Dragon Warrior titles.

PS2's Modem Appears

Sony Corp. has announced that it plans to sell a $40 modem that will let PlayStation 2 users access the Internet and play online games, starting in August.

Yu-Gi-Oh!'s Got Free Cards

Konami has announced that a set of collectible cards will included in the Game Boy Color version of Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Duel Stories, the upcoming trading-card game for the Game Boy Color. The set will include three different holographic silver-foil cards that will only be available inside the packaging for the game.

New Anime on UK TV

Starting May 4th, anime fans in the UK will have a lot to look forward to. Neon Genesis Evangelion, Martian Succesor Nadesico, and Blue Gender will all be running back-to-back on the satellite TV station Sci-Fi Channel. The lineup starts at midnight.

Sunrise & Bandai Join Hands

Financed by Sunrise and a few of Bandai's child companies including Bandai Visual and Bandai Networks, the new broadband Bandai Channel officially announced its existence to the world on March 1st. Although the new service will not be actually activated until this Summer/Fall, the new Bandai Channel will provide a wide range of service via fiber optic cable and traditional cable networks, including high speed network game hosting for PCs and home gaming consoles, as well as internet service. Currently on the list to be digitized and broadcasted through the new service as part of the 1700 hours worth of anime, include series such as Mobile Suit Gundam and Seisenshi Daibain, both are classic series from Sunrise. Entirely new series are also expected to make their debut on the Bandai Channel in the near future. Also in planning are two-way capabilities for fans to actually interact and give feedback on entertainment contents that will be provided by this new service.

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You are currently viewing an archived back issue of Animefringe Online Magazine. Click here to read our latest issue!