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Animefringe Web Showcase for April 2002:
Site By Alita

"If you ever wanted to know the reason why the Battle Angel anime was only 2 episodes and the manga lasted so much longer, then look no further than Moonstruck. The site uses a simple color scheme and is presented in a straight forward fashion helping to keep random clicking to a minimum. The key draws to the site are the main information pages about the anime and the manga which explain their key differences. Still, there is a nice image gallery with pictures from the Japanese and English versions of the manga as well as some other cute monthly features."

"Battle Angel/Gunnm can be thought of as one of the lesser-known animes, but that's certainly not because it's not a good one. I've only ever seen the first domestic Battle Angel DVD release and i liked it a whole lot. if you're one who digs the moody, the dark and cyberpunkish, it's a series not to be missed.
There is always at least one good, straighforward fan resource site poking around for all decent anime and manga series, and this is certainly one of them. Helpful character bios, insights, release information -- pretty much all you need, all presented in a simple, to-the-point, stylish layout.
So, all things considered, Moonstruck does a terrific and very valuable service to the Gunnm community. I look forward to seeing more great stuff, and maybe if I wasn't so lazy I'd read the rest of the series."

"Again, this is another series that Holly knows nothing about. However, I checked out the site anyway.
The site itself was presented well. The layout was consistent and pleasing to the eye, and the information was solid as well. I did, however, have two gripes. Firstly, maybe it's just me, but i found it rather annoying to have to go back to the main menu to navigate to other parts of the site. I prefer to have some kind of small menu bar on every page, but again, that's just me. Secondly, I would like see the individual pages (especially the "News" page) with a "last updated" kind of thing on it. Again, that's probably a personal quirk, but on something like a "News" page, time is kind of 'of the essence' and it would be nice to know when that news was posted. Otherwise, the a stylish and pleasing website. ^__^"

"Moonstruck is a great Battle Angel Alita/Gunnm resource! It's loaded with tons of information relating to both the anime and the manga. Reviews of the anime and each volume of the manga are there as well. There's a small gallery of scans from the manga that showcase Alita/Gally. The site employs a simple and clean page design, but could use frames to improve easier navigation. Overall, it's a great starting point for people who want to learn more about the wonderful characters of Yukito Kishiro's world."

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You are currently viewing an archived back issue of Animefringe Online Magazine. Click here to read our latest issue!