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Card Captor Sakura: The Movie DVD
86 Minutes
Morio Asaka
The CCS Movie combines the beautiful style of CLAMP with high production values to make an adorable film.
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Animefringe Reviews:
Card Captor Sakura: The Movie DVD
By Ridwan Khan

When Sakura wins a trip to Hong Kong, it seems like a fun outing for everyone involved. Taking Yukito, Touya, Tomoyo, and Kero, Sakura is eager to visit the land where Clow Reed and his magical cards once resided. However, when Sakura feels an ominous presence in the streets of Hong Kong, her most daring adventure begins.

The key word for the first Card Captor Sakura movie is quality. Everything, including the animation and music radiate high production values. As far as the visuals are concerned, the colors are extremely crisp and bright (a plus in the bright world of Card Captor Sakura). The animation is fluid and smooth. The character design is dead on; the CCS crew looks sharp in their movie incarnations and the pair of new characters introduced in the movie are exquisitely detailed. If anything, the CCS movie is reminiscent of the Pokemon movies in quality of visuals and use of color. The music contains some hints (especially as the movie pushes forward) of the TV series' style, however the whole score is overlaid with an ornate oriental tone. The main theme, Tooi Kono Machide fits the mood of the movie quite well. Everything is exact, but this is to be expected. This is, after all, a theatrical release with a budget to match.

The plot is the typical shoujo affair, with jilted magicians and the like. However, the story retains the particular Card Captor Sakura charm that makes the series different from the myriad of other magical girl shows. All the fan favorites make an appearance in the film; Sakura, Tomoyo, Touya, Yukito, Li, and Mei Ling. However, this is very much Sakura's movie, as she takes center stage throughout.

As for DVD presentation, this is an overall hit for Pioneer. Unlike the DVDs for the TV episodes, this disc contains an English language track. It's atrocious, with upbeat generic pop music and horrible voice acting, but for myself and most other fans it's an extra at most. Other than that, the other extras are only "alternate angles" and a few trailers and commercials (both Japanese and English). While interesting, the addition of something more would have perfected the package.

This is a must-own movie for any Card Captor Sakura fan. With an English dub, there is no excuse to purchase the edited English version of the movie also being released. However, other anime fans should tread carefully; the CCS movie is saccharine shoujo. However, the high production values should prove attractive to most anime fans.

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