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Anime Briefs: June 2002
By Ridwan Khan, and Jack Blazkiewicz

ADV promotes Goldenboy

ADV has put up a cute little promotional site for Goldenboy. Acting as a journal and resume for the series protagonist Kintaro Oe, the site describes his starting a job at the "BCV" anime translating company. In addition to the humorous journal and resume, the site features movie clips and desktop wallpaper. It can be accessed here.

Prices Slashed as the Console Wars continues

Incase you've been under a rock recently, all the major game consoles have slashed prices. Both the XBox and PS2 have lowered their prices by $100 making them now priced at $199. The GameCube dropped its price by $50 to $149.

Captain Harlock Delayed

The planned broadcast of the new Captain Harlock television series has been mysteriously postponed. The reason cited by AT-X, the station broadcasting the series, is "production circumstances." A DVD release of the new series is still planned. Thanks to the Anime News Service for the heads up.

Gundam On Adult Swim

Toonami's Adult Swim will be augmented by the original Mobile Suit Gundam series in June.

All of Lupin III now licensed for US release!

Pioneer has announced the acquisition of all Lupin III properties, not already licensed by AnimEigo, Manga, or FUNimation. This includes 5 movies and 228 TV episodes. Pioneer will announce their plans for the venerable thief on June 11th.

Kimagure Orange Road TV Box set announced!

AnimEigo has announced that the Kimagure Orange Road TV box set is ready for order and the live action samurai movies, Lone Wolf and Cub will appear domestically on DVD by the end of this year.

Akira Pinball on Hold

The Akira Pinball game, already released in Japan, is on 'indefinite hold' for American release. Chances are slim the title will come to the U.S. Those interested should contact their favorite importer.

Sega Licenses Tezuka Properties

Sega has acquired the licenses for games based on the works of Osamu Tezuka (the creator of Kimba: The White Lion and Hi no Tori). A party for the event will be held at Tokyo's Joypolis arcades. The first scheduled game is based on the Astroboy license, though the console is unconfirmed. Thanks to the Anime News Service

Square Launches FFXI; Glitches Ensue

Final Fantasy XI has launched in Japan. However, the launch was beset with problems; the network adapter and FFXI were both sold out nation wide, plus the overwhelming amount of users logging in crashed the server. Square promises to work out the kinks shortly.

Not enough FF? Side Stories Announced

Squaresoft has announced two Final Fantasy X side-story games, currently only dubbed "Yuna Version" and "Rikku Version." The games will use the FFX engine.

Top 100 Best Anime by TV Asahi

TV Asahi has compiled an audience voted list of the 100 best anime. The list is mostly made up of classic series. Interestingly enough, the American cartoon Tom and Jerry made the list at number 39. Doraemon (of course) clocks in at number one, Lupin III at two. Number three is Heidi of the Apls, number four is Tonari no Totoro, five Sazae-san, six Chibi Maruko-chan, seven Manga Japanese Fairy Tales, eight Mobile Suit Gundam, nine Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, and Dr. Slump clocks in at number ten. Other highlights include Kiki's Delivery Service at 12, the recently released Spirited Away at 15, Urusei Yatsura at 16, and Dragon Ball at 31. Thanks Rieko Nakamoto and Anime Nation. The full list can be accessed on Anime Nation's site or at TV Asahi's list.

Issue Correction

A minor correction from the last issue; Yu Yu Hakusho is in the Anime Encyclopedia. Before it's Cartoon Network run, the show was briefly released in the U.S. as Poltergeist Report: Yu Yu Hakusho and can be found under the same title in the book. Thanks to Jim Atkinson for the heads up.

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