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Anime Briefs: July 2002
By Ridwan Khan, and Ever Cheung

SMILE: Another Anthology Comes to a Close

It's the end of an era. TOKYOPOP's all-shoujo manga anthology is coming to a close with issue 4.7 set for a release in July. The publication's cancellation comes as a bit of a shock, considering the demise of VIZ's grown-up oriented manga anthology PULP. Fans of SMILE can expect 2 more issues, both of which will be shipping in July.
As a special treat to loyal readers, the final 2 issues will be printed in right-to-left format like the 100% Manga Line TOKYOPOP has recently unveiled. Issue 4.6 will be 144 pages and include a special Shonen-Ai doujinshi from online manga-ka Baby Pen. The final issue of SMILE is issue 4.7 and will average 128 pages. The manga that currently appears in SMILE will continue in TPB form and Mars Vol.2 and Paradise Kiss Vol.2 will be printed in their entirety.

Kimagure Orange Road Redux

A small controversy has arisen from AnimEigo's release of the Kimagure Orange Road boxed set. Instead of placing the series openers at the begining of each episode, AnimEigo has placed them in as extras on the disc - many fans had thought the credits had been accidently left off the disc. Though the opening credits are still avaliable on every disc, reaction has been mixed, to say the least. AnimEigo is going to produce a remastered and corrected Kimagure Orange Road Box Set to appease fans' justified complaints about the first release.

Harlock Court-Martialed

According to the Mainichi Shinbun, the new Captain Harlock series, set to be broadcast on PerfecTV has been halted because of offensive religious imagery. One of the weapons used in the film resembles the Star of David. Directed by Rin Taro, objections were raised (surprisngly) by series creator Reiji Matsumoto. According to Matsumoto "Whatever the religion, it has always been my motto never to profane those who believe in that religion, and I have been careful when creating my works. It was unforgivable that a character I created was used in a film that violated that conviction."

SquareSoft's Quest

In a line pulled from the mouth of Final Fantasy NPC, SquareSoft has acquired Quest. Quest is the company known for the Tatics Ogre series of games. This ends Square's piece-meal acquisition of the company by buying properties and hiring away staff.

Kingdom Hearts: The Animated Series

The Magic Box reports that Disney has announced the creation of an animated series based on Square's Kingdom Hearts Playstation 2 game.

You've Got Doraemail

According to the Anime News Service, new Doraemon mail client is avaliable. The Japanese language progam avoids using kanji as much as possible for the benefit of small children. Information on the brightly colored mail app can be found on the Doraemon Mail site. Western users should note that English versions of Windows 9x and Millenium will be unable to install the program, since it uses files named in Japanese.

Lupin the XIV

On June 26, the 14th Lupin movie was released. This movie centers around how Lupin, Jigen, and the other familar Lupin cast members met. No word is avaliable on an American release.

Sentou Yousei Yukikaze in Production

Sentou Yousei Yukikaze (roughly translated as 'Battle Fairy Snow Storm') is one of the all-time favorite sci-fi novels and is finally making its transformation from the printed page and into the anime world as a five episode OVA series. Kanbayashi Chouhei's original novel was first published in 1984 and focused on a team of special fighters whose sole purpose was to fight against an invading alien force called 'Jam.' The story is told through the eyes of Fukui Rei as he pilots his fighter machine Yukikaze through a 'Gateway' located at the South Pole. He and the rest of the special forces team began their counter attack on the alien's home planet known as 'Fairy.'
For additional information visit Sentou Yousei Yukikaze's official website at: or the story briefing section from GONZO's website at:

Saishuu Heiki Kanojyo Japanese TV Details

Broadcast dates have been released for the long awaited SF romance story Saishuu Heiki Kanojyo, the 13 episode TV series will premier in Japan via CS broadcast on July 2 at 7:00 PM and via regular TV broadcast the next day on July 3 at 1:55 AM.
The story of Saishuu Heiki Kanojyo focuses on a high school couple living in Hokkaidou and shows how their strong relationship began and how they were tested by the harsh reality of war. For more information please check out last month's review on the manga version or the Japanese official website at: (it seems to be under construction, with some sections still missing).
To see a brief, working page check out GONZO's site on the series at:

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