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Animefringe Coverage:
By Jack Blazkiewicz

Vampires roam the London night turning hapless victims into mindless servants, or Ghouls. Who's to stop them? The Hellsing Organization, headed by the young Sir Intrega Wingates Hellsing. She employs a small elite military force, and though equipped better than the London police force, they still sometimes end up being cannon fodder. So how does Hellsing effectively deal with the vampire menace? Simple, employ vampires of their own.

Arucard (or Alucard depending on how you romanize your Japanese) is Hellsing's most powerful ally. Sporting the Jackal and the 454 Casull, both powerful pistols, he deals death to the undead. He is also the master of his newly turned vampire, Seras Victoria. She is a young policewoman, who in the first episode is given the choice of death or life as a vampire. She, of course, chooses to continue living and becomes a vampire.

Aside from the vampires and ghouls that Arucard and Seras dispatch, other forces exist to make their lives interesting. In particular, we are introduced early on to the Priest Alexandar Anderson. He is one of the Vatican's best Vampire Hunters. Though human, he is enhanced in a way that allows him to take major punishment and still kick butt. Being that Arucard and Seras are vampires, Alexandar sees them as prey to hunt and be rid of as much as the other lesser vampires.

The series begins with Arucard piecing his 454 Casull together. Loud metallic clinks accompany each part. Then it cuts to a man showing a woman into his room. The woman is dressed in clothes that suggest her occupation. As the man continually comments on her beauty, he seems oblivious to the centipede-like insects falling from her. We, the audience, quickly figure out that she is a creature of the night.

As the man holds her and caresses her body, one of the insects crawling on the ground gets stepped on. Arucard comes out of the shadows. "Who's there?" the man asks. Arucard responds, "The Hellsing Organization." Arucard pulls out the 454 Casull and points it toward the creature. He tells the man to move aside and pulls the trigger. In slow motion, the silver bullet exits the barrel and moves toward the target. As creature of the night falls, her body turns to dust. And so ends another successful mission.

Elsewhere, in a small village called Cheddar, stalks a priest-turned-vampire. The London police send in a unit that immediately disappears. So they send in another unit to investigate. Eventually, the Hellsing Organization is called upon. Arucard is hence sent in to deal with the vampire priest.

The young Seras Victoria is part of the second police unit. They are ambushed, and for some amazing reason, Seras manages to survive. As she runs for her life, she tries to find sanctuary in a church... the same church that the vampire priest is in. As she begins to be taken, Arucard interrupts. He dispatches the ghouls of the vampire priest with ease. But when it comes to dispatching the vampire priest himself, he has to take young Seras' life too.

But before Arucard does, he asks Seras if she wants to live - as a vampire. She accepts and is shot through the chest in a maneuver that also kills the vampire priest. Before she dies, Arucard turns her into a vampire.

In the second episode we see Seras trying to accept her new life as a vampire and as a member of the Hellsing Organization. She shows great reluctance in both aspects. When put to the test of dispatching vampires and ghouls, she fails the first time.

Elsewhere, two newly turned vampires wreak havoc as they travel through the landscape of London. They are nothing more than young punks. They kill for the sake of killing, not for the blood thirst to sate their vampiric ways. Young Seras is put to the test once again.

The third episode introduces the mysterious FREAK chips that apparently turn ordinary humans into vampires. This chip was installed in an Italian man who died in a London school. His male lover also died, but became a vampire. Enter the Vatican's Priest Alexandar Anderson, who is sent to dispatch the male lover. He hates all vampires, and when he first encounters Hellsing's Arucard, he wants nothing more than to destroy him. This rounds out the first DVD.

The series, which spans 13 episode, was produced by Pioneer LDC and Gonzo. Gonzo also produced other series like Vandread and Gatekeepers. Originally airing in October 2001 in Japan on Fuji TV. Less than year a year will go by before the American release, since the first DVD of four is due out at the end of July.


The Hellsing Organization's most powerful ally. A vampire who is mysteriously loyal to Integra Hellsing, treating her like his master.
Seras Victoria

Former policewoman, now a vampire who works in the Hellsing Organization. She is part of the Special Disposal Unit.
Sir Integra Wingates Hellsing

The powerful young leader of the Hellsing Organization. She is a straight forward no nonsense woman who makes sure the job gets done.
Alexander Anderson

The Vatican's psychotic vampire hunter that is hell bent on ridding the world of vampires, including Arucard.
Walter Kum Donne

Integra's loyal assistant who was raised by the Hellsing Organization. Amonst the numerous duties that he does, he also designs all the various weapons for the organization, such as the Jackal that Arucard uses.

Images Copyright GONZO DIGIMATION/Pioneer LDC, Inc. Copyright Pioneer Entertaiment (USA) Inc. All rights reserved.

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