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Mobile Suit Gundam Movie Box Set
3 x Sub DVD
439 Minutes
Bandai Entertainment
Three digitally remastered classics in one box set with a collector's book.
Overall Rating:

Animefringe Reviews:
Mobile Suit Gundam Movie Box Set
By Ever Cheung

In the past few years, Gundam had turned from a name that few heard of in the US market to a well-known title among the younger generation of otakus through the TV broadcast of Gundam Wing in the United States. However, few of the new Gundam fans know how and when the Gundam franchise began.

The original Gundam TV series was first broadcast in 1979 on Japanese TV stations, over twenty years ago. At the time, anime was still a new industry, trying to get a jump-start in Japan. With the incredible amount of artistic science fiction design that went into the creation of the series, the result was unbelievably good. By proving how much farther and deeper anime can go in telling a story, the original Gundam series not only paved a rock solid base for all the Gundam series to come, it also set a standard for all sci-fi series to measure against, even to this day.

The Mobile Suit Gundam Movies (I/II/III) DVD special edition works as a summary of the original TV series. It contains the days when Amuro Ray piloted the prototype Gundam for the first time in his life up to the fall of Zeon's biggest military base, Solomon that eventually ended the war between Zeon and the Earth Federation.

In Mobile Suit Gundam Movie I, the story began with the attack of Zeon troops led by their famous ace pilot Char Aznable against the secret military base on space colony Side 7. There were some rumors originating from the base about the development of prototype mobile suits by the Earth Federation. To Char's suprise, the Zeon team was caught off guard by the sudden activation of the prototype Gundam. It was piloted by Amuro Ray, the son of Tem Ray - the engineer who was responsible for the construction and design of Earth Federation's last hope against Zeon. In the first mobile suit battle in history, Amuro single-handedly destroyed two Zeon mobile suits at the age of 14, as the first ever 'Newtype' pilot in the Earth Federation forces. The first movie also covers Amuro, Fraw Bow and their friends' journey from their home at Side 7 to Earth, where they were told to deliver the new prototype mobile suits to. On their way, these young soldiers would learn what war is all about, from their comrades as well as their enemies.

In the second and third volume of the Mobile Suit Gundam Movies DVD special edition series, Amuro would continue to journey across the face of the Earth after their rough landing following their interception by Zeon forces upon their reentry into Earth's atmosphere. Told by the Earth Federation headquarters to deliver the prototypes directly to EF's secret underground base in Jabro located in Africa, Captain Bright was forced to take his mostly untrained and under-aged crew toward their destination. The mission was accomplished, but not without some close calls from Zeon attacks and ambushes along the way.

To most fans who are deeply interested in the history of the Gundam world, watching the Mobile Suit Gundam Movies would probably remind them of watching 2001:A Space Odyssey in a sense. The artwork in the Gundam movies may not be top grade in comparison to today's standard, but nonetheless, they are surely a great way to get to know more about the background of the Gundam world, how the term 'Newtype' was coined, and how many technical details were put into the production of the series (such as the concept behind the use of Minovsky particles during combat to disable electronic devices such as radar and traditional missiles).

For hardcore Gundam fans who always wanted to know the full story behind the Gundam world, Mobile Suit Gundam Movie I/II/III are most definitely a great place to start, from the first series where the legends behind two of the biggest names among mobile suit pilots on both sides were born - Amuro Ray and Char Aznable.

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