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Animefringe Web Showcase for July 2002:
Aishiteru // a shrine to Naru Narusegawa of Love Hina
Site By Rydia

"Love Hina is a series that is near and dear to my heart for a number of reasons and seeing a web site that is solely devoted to one of the hottest characters around, Naru, is a downright cool thing to check out. Surf on over to the screen shots section and you'll be treated to a whopping 17 pages of screen shots of everyone's favorite cram school student. Though the site lacks a lot of manga content, it does make up for it in offering a lot of anime info, downloads, and extras. Plus, well it's about Naru, so you have no right to complain (unless, of course, you love Shinobu). Oh, yeah... be sure to download the winamp skin of Naru in her bathing suit for obvious reasons. "

"Finally a site that does justice to the twisted character that is Naru. Despite her cute appearance, this site delves into her personality as well as her charming looks. With cute sections such as "Ask Dr Love" we can chuckle at the relationship shared between Naru and Keitaro, we can also adopt a cute little Naru, or oogle at screenshots of the babe herself. The best thing about this site, is that it isn't static, the webmistress ensures the upkeep of this site, and has filled this page with spoilers to the brim. If you haven't seen all of Love Hina, watch out, you might be in for a...pleasant surprise."

"It's great to see a series as wonderful as Love Hina have such a large number of fans before it's even fully released domestically. With a large collection of media, an attention to the smallest of details, and a sharp site design, this shrine to all things Naru is clearly worthy of the show."

"Ashiteru, a shrine to Love Hina's Narusegawa Naru, is one fine anime site. It boasts a pretty layout, a massive amount of content, and even this super-cute adopt-a-Naru feature. There's only one small problem(oh, and it's small): When I view the site, I get this sinking feeling that I'm going more and more blind the longer I stare at the light grey, 11 pixel, font that populates every single light-grey page. Maybe it's just me running at 1154x864 resolution, so I won't go on about it. Instead, I'd like to focus on the plethora of special features to be found; namely, the scans of the first manga issue, Love Hina games, episode guides, screenshots, fanart, and more miscellany than you can throw an angry crocodile at. boasts so much content on the entire Love Hina series that it should not be written off as merely a "character shrine", but instead be categorized as a full fledged Love Hina resource."

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