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Anime Briefs: August 2002
By Ridwan Khan and Adam Arnold

The Animefringe/Big Apple Anime Fest '02 Giveaway Contest

As a special treat for all you loyal Animefringe readers, Big Apple Anime Fest (BAAF) has graciously donated 5 anime DVDs (Steel Angel Kurumi Vol.1 - Angel on my Shoulder, Utena: The Movie - Collector's Series, X: The Movie, Now & Then, Here & There - Discord and Doom, Urusei Yatsura TV Series Vol.1), 5 copies of the Newtype USA Preview magazine, and 1 All Access Pass to BAAF for us to give away to 11 lucky winners. To enter the contest, all you need to do is enter your full name, mailing address and e-mail address. The contest closes at 11:59 PM EST on Sunday, August 18 and winners will be drawn the following day. So sign up now while ya still can!

BAAF All Access Pass Winner:

DVD Winners:
Rich Lee, Lisa Real, Megan Rheaume, Bryant Mitchell, Kim Tran

Newtype Preview Magazine Winners:
Eddie Cho, Rob Cosden, Mary Dutterer, Johnson Chang, Christopher Ball

Taking place this year over Labor Day weekend, the Big Apple Anime Fest has become known as the "Cannes Film Festival of the Anime Manga Culture." Japanese animation (anime) is one of the hottest media trends among today's global youth. Having established itself last year as the largest anime film festival in America, the BAAF 2002 Film Festival will feature premieres, retrospectives, symposiums and autograph sessions. BAAF is also the biggest sponsor of Anime Expo New York (AXNY), that will include events such as an exhibitors hall, creative panels, and a costume party. The events will be held at locations around Times Square, including the Marriott Marquis Hotel and the Virgin Megastore. For more information please visit the Big Apple Anime Fest 2002 web site at

Please note theat the BAAF All Access Pass (AAP) does not allow winner access to any Anime Expo New York (AXNY) events. The AAP applies ONLY to BAAF events taking place at the film festival venue and Virgin Megastore in Times Square, NYC. All venue policies apply to AAP holders. The AAP does not guarantee seats at each of the screenings. So please make sure you get in line early for any of the hot screenings! For further inquiries, please e-mail:


Tickets for the BAAF 2002 Film Festival are now on sale at the Loews State Theater Box Office! Loews State Theater is located at the B2 level in the Virgin Megastore in Times Square. (1540 Broadway between 45th & 46th Street) All premieres are $10 and $5 for all other films. Hurry and get your tickets now! Box Office Hours: Saturday - Sunday, 12 noon to 12 midnight.
Ticket Availability: (212) 391-3960

Initial D on TV with new Names

TOKYOPOP has announced a number of changes they are making to the manga and anime versions of Initial D. TOKYOPOP has the rights to the manga, anime, and merchandising of Initial D in America. TOKYOPOP has insisted on keeping Japanese place names and customs, but will change character names. The new names are as follows:
"So, Takumi becomes Tak, and Itsuki becomes Iggy, and Bunta & Kenji become Bunta & Kenji (wait, those arenít good examples - gomen!), and Wataru Akiyama becomes Aki, and Keisuke Takahashi becomes K.T."
These names will be present throught the anime, manga, and other Initial D merchandise, including video games. The dubbed anime is being aimed at network television and some content will be edited for standards. However, unedited, subtitled versions will be available.

Disney Swears Uncut Spirit

Spirited Away will see a September 20th release, according to Disney. Disney will realease the film in America uncut. At the same time a fake movie poster has been circulating around the net.

GitSTV Announced

Production IG has announced the release of a Ghost in the Shell TV series. More information can be found on the Stand Alone Complex web page.

Blue Gundam Seeds

The first new Gundam series in three years, Mobile Suite Gundam Seed has been announced. The new series, outside of the Zeon/Earth Federation (Universal Centruy) universe, will center around two 16 year old protaganists and ten types of Gundams. Games based on the series are also planned for the Playstation 2. The series is set for broadcast in October.

Fusha and Beige a No-Go

Two new Pokemon games for the Gameboy Advance will see the light of day in Japan on November 21st. Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire will boost the total number of the little critters to 351. There is no word yet on the American release date.


Square has announced the latest game in the SaGa series, Unlimited SaGa. Scans from the Japanese gaming bible Famitsu shows gameplay shots that resemeble a 2D game. Visually the game is striking and resembles an anime series. The story follows Laura, a pirate, and her son Henry, as they uncover secret Artifacts.
Additionally, when Square registered the title Unlimited SaGa it also registered "Chrono Break" - conjectured to be the third game in the Chrono Trigger series, though no word has come out of Square.

More Final Fantasy Remakes

According to Gamespot, Square will be making remakes of Final Fantasy I and II for the PSOne. The games will be soled seperately, but Square is considering a special package edition with both games and three action figures.

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