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Card Captor Sakura Vol.10 - School Daze DVD
4 episodes
100 minutes
"School Daze" is a great break from the Card Captor Sakura season one formula.
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Animefringe Reviews:
Card Captor Sakura Vol.10 - School Daze DVD
By Ridwan Khan

Times change, and everyone’s favorite card catching magical girl Sakura Kinomoto is no different. Thus, Sakura begins disc ten of Pioneer’s release of Card Captor Sakura by entering the fifth grade. The second season marks a change not only for Sakura, but a shift for the entire series.

However, to deal with the technical issues first, School Daze is on par with the previous discs in the series. The colors are vibrant and eye catching. The audio on this disc is dead on. The disc’s extras consist of character line art and a clean opening. Overall, the disc is solid but unexciting. From a ten disc television series though, it is a substantive effort.

As for the series itself, season two begins a change in the "catch the card of the week" formula that was a staple of season one. Some questions are answered, but many more pop up in their stead. The connection between Touya and Mizuki is one of many new mysteries that broaden the series and ready it for a new infusion of the bizarre sci-fi CLAMP style. A brand new opening, featuring the song Open the Door, and closing, with the song HONEY, both with darling new animation, also grace the episodes on the disc. However, noticeable by its absence is the "Kero-chan Check!" the short segments featuring Kerebos discussing Sakura’s clothes.

"Sakura and the Snowy New School Term" begins with a Sakura, dreaming of being at Tokyo Tower and seeing a beautiful woman. She wakes up from the bizarre dream, late as usual, for her first day in fifth grade. On going to school, our little cardcaptor gets a gift from her Yukito, her major crush and her brother’s friend; a new watch. As is the norm in Japanese schools, the students stay together, but the teachers change. Sakura is happy to be with Tomoyo, Li, and Meilin again and excited to find out that her new teacher is the lovely and kind Mizuki-sensei. However, Sakura begins to wonder when Ms. Mizuki tells her cryptically that something pretty is going to fall form the sky. April’s falling cherry blossoms are replaced by more than a meter of snow on Sakura’s little town. Of course, the weird weather is thanks to Clow Cards. Sakura and company battle the Clow Card. It seems like Li and Sakura will be unable to beat the card until Sakura notices her watch is gone. As the bard once said, "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned," and Kero echoes similar sentiments. Sakura, with fire in her eyes, captures the card. Mizuki-sensei mysteriously waltzes in, raising the suspicions of Kero and Sharon, to return to Sakura her watch.

"Sakura and Tomoyo’s Lost Voices"
In an episode similar to one last season where Tomoyo lost her voice to the Sing card, the Voice card takes Tomoyo’s voice right before an important school choir concert. Mizuki again raises suspicions by predicting the effects of the rampaging card. Sakura is saddened by the loss of her friend’s voice and the fact she missed catching the card. When Sakura and Li visit Tomoyo, the three are able to make up a plan for catching the wily Voice card.

"Sakura’s Fun Strawberry Picking Adventure"
Sakura and her entire class go on a field trip to a strawberry nursery to pick strawberries. There, they meet Touya and Yukito, both working on their day off. Sakura, as usual, is smitten with Yukito and pledges to pick strawberries and make dessert for him. On the nursery grounds, the kids notice a mysterious locked door and of course, they go in, only to find themselves locked in by the Lock card. Additionally, Touya hints at a past relationship between himself and Mizuki.

"Sakura’s Dizzy Fever Day"
In this final episode on the disc, Sakura falls ill, but drags herself to school to help her friends. However, Mizuki sends her to the school nurse and Sakura is sent home early. Touya and Mizuki exchange a mysterious dialogue before Touya carries his sister home. However, a Clow Card goes wild in town and Sakura uses the Mirror card to make a copy of herself to fool Touya as she goes to capture it. Touya sees through the fake Sakura and mentions that he knows everything that is going on with Sakura. After capturing the card with help from Meilin and Li, Sakura receives help from a mysterious "new" ally.

This disc makes a welcome change from the disaster of the week formula of season one. If you’re a Sakura fan who has been neglecting purchase of the DVDs, School Daze is a good way to get back into the delightful series.

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