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Anime Briefs: October 2002
By Adam Arnold and Patrick King

Anime Weekend Atlanta 8 - ADV Tidbits

Finally the world will see Blue Seed 2, the Sorcerer Hunters OVA series, Those Who Hunt Elves 2, and the second Kenshin OVA series. For the former three, ADV is going to try and get back as many of the dub cast members as possible. However, due to people moving around, some roles may be recast.

The Martian Successor Nadesico Movie is also about to start production and a luckily most of the voice cast will be back. However, don't expect a theatrical release because this baby is going direct to DVD. And Noir will begin to be released in early 2003.

ADV will be releasing the Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon R series as two separate, but completely uncut and subtitled box sets next year. Yes, subtitled... As in the Japanese language with subtitles. One of the jokes concerning this release is that half the translators said they didn't wanna be on Sailor Moon and the other half said they wanna work on Sailor Moon. So, David wise cracked that he put the people who didn't wanna do it as the people who have to do it to torture them. Cruel guy. Anyway, let me summarize: Expect a Season 1 set and a Season 2 set in 2003.

One interesting thing is that ADV said that anime is on the outs in Japan at the moment. The reason they've been working so closely with them on a number of projects is to ensure the anime that is produced is stuff that people will want to watch. Of particular note are some projects involving adaptations David Weeber novels into both live action and anime series. Also on the drawing board is the Lady Death feature film and the forth coming Farscape animated series, which will bring back virtually all the cast and have the creative team onboard. And for fans of Farscape, even though Sci-Fi Channel cancelled the series, ADV will still finish releasing the show on DVD. Oh, and expect the live action series Mutant X to come out soon as well.

ADV is also aiming at getting 3 to 4 OSTs out a month. Since the only difference between the Japanese and English release is the fact that the books and packaging are in English, they want to try and get as many titles out there. Some of the OSTs coming up include Nuku Nuku, Princess Nine, and Giant Robo among others. Oh, and expect anything and everything Dirty Pair.

Anime Weekend Atlanta 8 - AnimEigo Tidbits

The first four remastered volumes of Kimagure Orange Road are done and the next 8 check disc will be ready the first week of October. So, expect exchanges to begin at the end of the month.

The Crusher Joe Movie & OVAs were going to be on a DVD10, but have been shifted to a 2 DVD set due to space problems. Expect a release at the beginning of November.

Rupan: The Fuma Conspiracy will be available Mid-December both subtitled and dubbed on DVD.

The You're Under Arrest Project Box Set will have replication done by November 1. After that boxes will need to be built and packaging finished. This should take about four weeks. Some of the extras will include Behind the Scenes, a Line Art Gallery, and a ton of hidden features that must be found.

The title Scramble Wars is stuck in limbo but it might appear one day on a future DVD like A.D. Police or Gaiarth. However, they will need to check and see if they still have the licensee.

When asked about Daicon 4, AnimEigo was told by Gainax "don't ask." The legal rights are all confused, much like the Macross movie and Macross 7.

AnimEigo's next series MAY be the new Yamato series in Japan.

It may be possible for AnimEigo to do more of Harmony Gold's back catalogue, but no specific titles were mentioned. However a few series were asked about with no real reply. Could Queen Millennium or Captain Harlock be on the way? Who knows.

Big Trouble in Tokyo 2041

ADV's David Williams has confirmed that a sequel television series to Bubblegum Crisis: 2040 is in an "embryonic, pre-production stage" according to the Anime News Network. Entitled Bubblegum Crisis: 2041, this series is a legitimate follow-up of its predecessor and not simply a renaming of the A.D. Police spinoff, Parasite Dolls. Unlike Parasite Dolls, the new 2041 is an exact extension of 2040 and the production will use as much of the original casts as possible.

I Wanna Be Spirited Away

The Disney-produced English dub of Spirited Away is now in select theatres around the United States (and two in Canada). Early reports indicate that the film, a product of Miyazaki Hayao (creator of Mononoke Hime, Nausicaa, and Kiki's Delivery Service), grossed roughly $450,000 in only a handful of theatres.

A Rare Move

After months of rumors, the unthinkable has once again occured within the video game industry. Nintendo has sold its portion of Rare, the developer of Donkey Kong Country, Perfect Dark, and Banjo-Kazooie as well as the newly released Star Fox Adventures. Soon after, Microsoft paid $375 million in cash to acquire the popular U.K. crew to begin working on original X-Box titles. Kameo: Elements of Power is set to be the first game released on Rare's new home. Look for a Perfect Dark sequel to appear next, though given Rare's track record, it could be years until something actually surfaces. Remember, Star Fox Adventures was originally a GameCube launch title. It was released September 24th...

Cowabunga Dude!

Konami announced they have acquired the world exclusive rights to develop video games based on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and are planning to release game titles for all the game platforms in North America and Europe by the end of 2003. A new TMNT cartoon will begin airing in March 2003. Source: The Magic Box International Game News.

Last Month's Hellsing Contest Winners

Here is the full list of last month's Animefringe/Pioneer Hellsing contest. Congratulations to all the winners. We hope you enjoy your DVDs. Also, a special thanks goes out to Joanna Proctor for helping us with this contest. For more information on Hellsing please visit:

Terron Childress
AJ Miller
Jon Hia
Dave Varner
Jennifer Murawski

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You are currently viewing an archived back issue of Animefringe Online Magazine. Click here to read our latest issue!