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Animefringe Web Showcase for November 2002:
Angel Heart
Site By Stephani

"Simple and clean. That's the best way to describe Angel Heart, a site dedicated to explaining the ins and outs of one of the lesser known comedy series, Steel Angel Kurumi. The site is broken down into three key sections with the content divided throughout them. On some pages the layout requires a bit of horizontal scrolling, for instance the character bio page. It's easy enough to browse and people browsing at a resolution of 800x600, won't need to resize their monitors. Though the character bio page is a bit long and does require some horizontal scrolling.
Some nice sections that I'd personally recommend checking out are the image gallery and music sections. The image gallery is really packed, though a bit hard to browse. The music section has the key theme songs in mp3 format just waiting to be downloaded."

"Cute, but I have to admit I didn't look at the whole thing. Hey, man, I'm a busy otaku, and it takes a good layout and a really informative front page to really suck me in. This, of course, is challenging - seeing as how I can't even make a website I would spend any amount of time at myself.
However, from what I saw, the site itself is very cute and seems to have a decent amount of information for the questing Kurumi fan - but seeing as how I have yet to see the series and I'm already in the middle of too many to start another one - you get the idea. Overall, this particular fan site gets bonus points for content and categories, minuses for layout and design."

"This cute site (featuring a cute show) has a wealth of information and appears fresh, even though it's not updated on a daily basis. It's nice to see a webmaster (or mistress, in this case) with humility, but it's not necessary for this well-done website. It may not be the most flashy fan-site out there, but it has plenty of content to keep even the most ravenous Kurumi fan satisfied. It certainly works for me!"

"Simplicity is definitely the key to this site. But honestly, that's not necessarily a bad thing. Anime fansites, which are usually so chock-full of images and media, tend to get annoying and tiresome fast, having to chug through countless pages to get to any meaty information.
The webmaster/mistress here, however, disseminates information in the website well. Also, it contains lots of goodies for fans of the show, like desktop themes and whatnot, and sometimes that's a nice addition to such sites. I really like this site as a whole, because it puts the priority on information over crazy-excellent web design, and sometimes that's a rare thing these days."

"It's great to see a site made by someone with an obvious dedication to the anime. It's also great that your priority is interesting content. You have information on a wide range of subjects, and the informal writing style is welcoming. I'm also happy that you're promoting one of the lesser known titles. Variety is a wonderful thing, and there are more than enough Love Hina pages in the world.
It's obvious you are just starting up the site, and some ways you could improve the site are: Creating a consistent navigation of the pages, a more attractive and cohesive design, continuing to flesh out the content areas with more information and generally tighten things up. All in all it's an entertaining and informative site. I look forward to seeing you continue to develop and refine it!"

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