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Anime Briefs: December 2002
By Ridwan Khan and Patrick King

News from the TOKYOPOP Wire

TOKYOPOP has announced that it will distribute five new CLAMP titles in the U.S. CLAMP is known for Cardcaptor Sakura and Chobits among others that TOKYOPOP already distributes. The new titles will include CLAMP School Detectives, in which three pre-teens solve crimes around their school, The Man of Many Faces, a shoujo title which shares the master thief Akira Ijyuin with CLAMP School Detectives. TOKYOPOP has also acquired Duklyon: CLAMP School Defenders, in which two highschool freshmen have to defend the CLAMP school from alien invaders. Also on TOKYOPOP's list is Miyuki-chan in Wonderland, CLAMP's sexy retelling of Alice in Wonderland. TOKYOPOP's release of Miyuki-chan in Wonderland will feature a dozen full color pages, including character designs from the anime version of the title. Last is Shirahime-syo: Snow Goddess Tales, an anthology of folk tales about a Snow Goddess whose tears create snow. The art style differs from CLAMP's normal output, since it is made up of brushstrokes. TOKYOPOP plans to release a hardcover edition of the title before releasing a paperback.

According to the December 2002 issue of Previews, the TOKYOPOP release of Peach Girl is expected to get the royal 5"x7" right-to-left treatment starting with volume 9. The series will also be known as Peach Girl: Sophomore Year for the remainder of the seires which lasts 13 volumes.

February 2003 will also see the fruits of TOKYOPOP and Disney's partnership as the Spy Kids 2, Lizzie McGuire, and Kim Possible cinemanga hit store shelves. Also for fans of the independent manga-inspired comic series Reality Check, a four volume series of graphic novels will be hitting store shelves as well.

Final Dragon Fantasy Quest XIII or Something Like That

According to the Asahi Shimbun Japanese RPG giants Square and Enix are set to merge in 2003. The new company, Square Enix, will be headed by Square President Yoichi Wada. Eventually Square will be dissolved into Enix. Square is known for the Final Fantasy series of games, while Enix is known for Dragon Quest (Dragon Warrior in the U.S.), which is wildly popular in Japan.

In other Square news, the Playstation (PS1) ports of Final Fantasy I and II are set to be released in America on one disc as a budget title.

Also according to Gameforms, Squaresoft (in the aftermath of the Final Fantasy X-2 announcement) is mulling a direct sequel to Final Fantasy VII. The seventh iteration of the Final Fantasy title remains popular in Japan and the Square staff is eager to start work (including character designer Tetsuya Nomura) on a sequel.

First They Get Zelda Before Us and Now This?!

Gameforms reports that the Japanese release of the new Legend of Zelda game, Kaze no Takuto, will feature a bonus disc, which includes the Nintendo 64 Zelda title, Ocarina of Time and the unreleased DD64 Zelda, Ura Zelda. No word yet on whether the American release will be similarly treated.

Super GameCube!!

Coming just in the nick of time (as if you hadn't run right out and bought a Game Boy Advance already for Metroid Fusion), Nintendo has announced a new peripheral that will allow gamers to play the entire Game Boy library of games on the GameCube. It attaches to the mysterious high-speed data port on the bottom of the system, and features a front-loading cartridge design. At the low price of 5000 Yen (about $40-$50), this device should be available in Japan around March of 2003 with a USA released following in May.

New Harlock Trailer Released

According to AnimeNation brought news that a new trailer for the latest Captain Harlock series had been released. The new series, titled the Endless Odyssey 13, can be previwed at the offical Japanese homepage.

Lupin Comes to CTN

AnimeNation reports that the Cartoon Network is set to broadcast the venerable Lupin III TV series, from Saturday, January 11th. Be sure to set your VCRs and DVDRs right now, you don't wanna miss this one.

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