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Animefringe Coverage:
Anime's Wish List
By Team Animefringe and compiled by Steve Diabo

Well, folks, it is now December and all these colored lights, shopping mall mobs and sappy commercials can only mean one thing -- the holiday season is fast upon us indeed! While most of us have better things to think about, we here at Animefringe somehow formulated a strange question -- "What would our favorite anime characters want for the Holidays?" At once, our elite team of dishonorably discharged Green Berets and snotty computer hackers mobilized and headed for the North Pole to have a sneak peek at Santa's wish list database. Most of our hackers and one of the Green Berets valiantly gave their lives in the effort, but to show for it, we are now proud to publish but a small sampling of anime characters' holiday wish lists! Read and enjoy!

Ataru (from Urusei Yatsura):
- Cute girls
- Sexy girls
- Older girls
- Younger girls
- Feisty girls
- Girls with bikinis
- Girls without bikinis
- Girls on motorcycles
- Girls in spandex
- Hot girls
- Smart girls
- Girls with red hair... Or black hair... Or blonde hair... Er... Girls with hair
- Girls in tight sweaters
- Girls in my class
- Insulated bodysuit with rubber-soled boots

Menchi (from Excel Saga):
- Arf!
- Arr arroo ar arf!
- Woof wooof
- *whine*
- Yip yip yap! *pawprint*

Lina Inverse (from Slayers):
- A boob job
- Platform adventuring boots
- Sword of light
- ....Gourry....

Nabiki Tendo (from Ranma 1/2):
- A rich husband
- An ice cream sundae
- 3 mini spycams and a cordless drill
- A financial planner for small entrepreneurs
- A comprehensive stock package with lucrative options

Motoko Aoyama (from Love Hina):
- A world without turtles
- A world without Urashima
- A sword cleaning kit
- Maid outfit

Kitsune (from Love Hina):
- Some sexy lingerie (check: Victoria's Secret Fall catalogue, #10394-A)
- A cream lemon scented candles and assorted bath soaps holiday gift set (Bath and Body Works, product # 203949550)
- Jumbo tin of Altoids
- Case of sake
- Vibrator (ask Naru for size and type)
- Extended list available on request

Kaolla Su (from Love Hina):

Pikachu (from Pokemon):
- Pika pi!
- Pikachu pika pika piii
- Pik pika pi... chuuuuu

Lain Iwakura (from Serial Experiments Lain):
- My own private generator
- Ten (10) 5-slot power surge sticks
- Norton Antivirus 2003
- Pink bunny sleeping outfit. Bear doesn't fit anymore

Shinji Ikari (from Neon Genesis Evangelion):
- Batteries for the SDAT walkman
- Large print of Asuka in bikini
- Jergens hand lotion
- Maybe a friend... naah, just a gift certificate for the Home Depot

...And thus concludes our exclusive exposée on anime character holiday wish lists. We can assure you that the staff here at Animefringe were just as surprised as you were to the nature of some of these sensational and controversial items! Can life ever be the same? Only time will tell!

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