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"The world is progressing day by day. The thing that continues to progress the most in the world is electronic technology. And within that, the number one thing that is advancing is its connection to toys and the creation of a 'World of Toys.' The first of these toys is an egg that came from a dream, 'Angel Egg.' If an individual shows wisdom, love, and courage, they can raise an egg into an 'angel.' That's Angelic Layer."

- revised translation from CLAMP's Angelic Layer: Battle One

As the world continues to be taken by storm by the latest Japanese sensation, Angelic Layer, it is our pleasure to present to you, our readers, a showcase of up and coming Angelic Layer participants, to inspire and encourage new people to join in the phenomenon that is Angelic Layer. With that, we are proud to present an interview with Misaki Suzuhara, a sixth grader at Arial Middle School who has been shooting up the ranks of Angelic Layer recently.

ANIMEfringe:  Well, first of all, thank you for allowing us the privilege of conducting this interview, Suzahara Misaki-san.
Misaki:  Thanks, I feel so famous now...
ANIMEfringe:  Ever since your spectacular victory against Suzaka and Ranga at the official Angelic Layer tournament a while ago, you and Hikaru have been one of the teams to watch.
Misaki:  Whaaaa?!
ANIMEfringe:  Er, excuse me?
Misaki:  Oh.. sorry...
ANIMEfringe:  That's quite all right... Anyway, tell us, how did you first learn about the smash-hit sensation Angelic Layer?
Misaki:  Well, it's kind of embarrassing... I was on my way to my aunt, Shouko-san's house when I kinda got lost at Tokyo Station. Then I heard this crowd cheering around some TVs, so I went over to see what it was. And you can guess what it turned out to be...
ANIMEfringe:  ...The famous, real time battles of Angelic Layer that are featured from time to time on TV, right?
Misaki:  Yeah!! When I first saw it, I didn't really get it. It seemed like these people were fighting and the smaller person was gonna lose, but she really made a comeback and won in the end. I was really interested to learn more about the show, so I asked a few people around me. I learned it was called Angelic Layer. And this guy named Icchan explained to me about the battles and how the people fighting are really just a kind of doll, and that I could even buy one.
ANIMEfringe:  And so you went and bought an Angel Egg?
Misaki:  Right! But, I didn't know where to look. The salesperson at this one store just looked at me like I was weird; obviously he didn't know what I was talking about. Then, Icchan appeared again and pointed me in the right direction. I wound up spending all my money on a ton of Angelic Layer stuff to get me started!
ANIMEfringe:  Icchan, huh? Tell us a little about this Icchan guy.
Misaki:  Well, ummm, Icchan has glasses and always wears a white coat. And I always hear people calling him a pervert.
ANIMEfringe:  Pervert? Why do you think they call him that?
Misaki:  Because of the way he makes his appearances. He comes through vents in the ceiling and pops out of UFO catcher machines and stuff. And then he disappears very suddenly.
ANIMEfringe:  Hmm, interesting person...
Misaki:  He's really cool though. He trains me and he fixes Hikaru if she gets hurt.
ANIMEfringe:  Sounds like you make a good team then. Tell us a little about your angel, Hikaru.
Misaki:  Hikaru was made to look like the heroine from a manga I read a while ago. She's small like me, and I cut her hair like mine. And when she isn't battling in Angelic Layer, she's a happy and enthusiastic girl.
ANIMEfringe:  Well, Misaki-san, we thank you for granting us this interview. We here at ANIMEfringe wish you and Hikaru all the best of luck in the future.
Misaki:  Thank you very muuucchh!

We are also pleased to present our readers with a guide on how to get started with Angelic Layer. This guide is designed to give future and novice deus basic facts that they will need to know. This guide should be used only as a supplement to the official texts provided to deus by the Angelic Layer corporation.

Angelic Layer 101: A Guide For Beginners

1. Obtaining an Angel Egg

Angelic Layer puts the deus (short for deus ex machina, or puppeteer) in charge of designing and shaping a doll into a fighter. The first step is getting an egg. This can be done by buying an egg from any officially licensed distributor of official Angelic Layer Angel Eggs. Only officially sanctioned dolls will be admitted to take part in official Angelic Layer tournaments. Please remember that other items are available for a deus to make their dolls. At no time is anyone required to purchase any of these items, but doing so will make the designing process much easier.

2. Opening the Angel Egg

The official Angelic Layer Angel Egg comes with a water-resistant, vinyl instruction sheet containing product information and instructions that cannot be reprinted. Please read these instructions thoroughly, because improper care can damage the Angel Egg. The Angel Egg contains an amount of shock-absorbing fluid to protect the doll inside. The fluid will spill when the egg is opened, so please open it while you are in an appropriate area, such as a bathroom or over a sink. Please ask an adult for help with trying to break the protective seal. Once the doll has been removed from the egg, carefully rinse the shock-absorbing fluid off with water.

WARNING: The shock-absorbing fluid can irritate eyes. If contact occurs, flush thoroughly with water. Keep fluid away from open wounds. In case of accidental ingestion, seek professional assistance or contact a Poison Control Center immediately. They are listed in your local phone book.

3. Creating a personalized angel

The official Angelic Layer Angel Egg and other separately sold accessories give the owner the freedom to design and make their own angel. Suggested, but not required, items include:

The official Angelic Layer Angel Hair accessories line, which gives deus a wide variety of hair types and colors to choose from for their Angel. Please note that small children should let an adult help them shape it.

The official Angelic Layer Angel Clothes accessories line, which provides deus the ability to personalize their angel's clothing and accessories. Please note that some accessories contain small parts that can be hazardous to small children. As with Angel Hair, small children should let an adult assist them in personalizing their Angel's look.

Once the Angel has been hatched and designed, it is suggested that deus specify the parameters of their Angels. Angels can be built for speed, or built for stamina. They can be large, or small. The deus can also choose a name for their Angel. It is important to choose a proper name, because this will become the Angel's official name. Have fun!

4. Training your angel

Officially licensed Angelic Layer Training Centers have the equipment needed to begin practicing and honing an Angel's skills. The first visit to a training center requires a small registration fee to be paid so that a deus can receive an Angel Card that recognizes the deus and their Angel as official Angelic Layer fighters. Please note that only a few towns currently have Angelic Layer Training Centers, but the list is always growing, so please be on the lookout for new centers opening in your area if you currently do not have one.

Many Angelic Layer Training Centers are essentially remodeled karaoke rooms that now contain the machines that can make an angel move. Suggested fees for one session is 200, two sessions are 400, and so on. An Angel Cord is required to connect the deus' headset with their Angel. To connect to your Angel, simply plug the end of the "line out" cord into the ports on the headset, and connect the end of the "line in" cord into the port on the angel. Power up the equipment, and you're ready to begin your practice session.

During the first few sessions, a deus should focus on getting their angel to open their eyes and gaining coordination over movement. If a deus smiles, then the headset senses it and passes that willpower onto the angel, thus influencing the angel's actions. However, this only works in the layer. If a deus is not concentrating, then the angel will not move. The goal is to gradually learn how to make an angel move and fight. Following the initial coordination practice, subsequent sessions should involve basic training for fights and improving the mental link between deus and angel. Good luck!

5. Where to go from there

Once a deus feels comfortable with their Angel, then it is suggested that they place their Angel into battle. Each time a deus and their Angel win an Angelic Layer fight, they recieve a point. Points can count toward Angelic Layer products and other sanctioned merchandise. Deus are encouraged to gain experience before entering an advanced Angelic Layer fight, such as those held in the official Angelic Layer Tournament. But, anyone is welcome to participate in the official tournament, even if they do not have many Angel Card credentials. Remember that you will not necessarily do badly every time you enter a competition. Losing is a fact of life. Your angel can not be killed and any damage that they suffer from battle can, for the most part, be fixed. The most important thing to remember is to have fun. Angelic Layer is only a game.

...And if actively participating in the phenomenon that is Angelic Layer is not your thing, then be sure to pick up the totally original, must-have manga series Angelic Layer: Funny Little Battle Girl!!!, by the world renowned Studio CLAMP, whose works include Magic Knight Rayearth, X, Tokyo Babylon, and Card Captor Sakura, to name a few. Mokona Apapa, Nanase Ohkawa, Satsuki Ohkawa, Mick Nekoi, and their hordes of assistants strive to bring an anime quality look and feel to all their series... making anything they touch into an instant classic for fans around the world!

A teaser poster for Angelic Layer: Little Funny Battle Girl!!! appeared in the January 1999 Newtype, and the official launch of the manga appeared in the February 1999 Monthly Shonen Ace. For those who missed the first five chapters, they are currently compiled by Kadokawa Comics in TPB form. Other volumes will become available as the manga progresses. Currently, there are no plans for an English commercial translation, but Heather Sluys (aka Heta-chan) has translated the manga and has posted her fan translations on her web site, A.I.L. Inc. (Adequately Interpreted Languages Incorporated).

Angelic Layer: Character Dossier
Misaki Suzuhara

Misaki-chan is a sixth grade student at Arial Middle School who likes to attempt things on her own, so she can gain the experience. Misaki's dad died when she was young, and her mother's job forces her to move almost monthly. Due to this, Misaki was forced to live with her grandparents so she could stay in Tokyo, and now Misaki lives with her aunt, Shouko-san. Misaki has an open mind and makes friends easily. Together with her angel, Hikaru, they make a team that is virtually unstoppable due to their strong emotional link.

Hikaru is a speed type angel with a crippling special attack called Sementobi. Hikaru has a small body that is built for speed. When Hikaru was slightly damaged after her battle against Suzuka, Icchan quickly repaired and modified Hikaru using identical parts that are not ordinarily found on the market. With this modification and Misaki's growing level of experience in battle, Hikaru gained a new level of power that makes her one of the most powerful angels in Angelic Layer.
Mihara (Icchan)

Chief Mihara is the man responsible for the founding of Angelic Layer. The name "Icchan" is an alias Mihara-san chose when he first helped Misaki get started in Angelic Layer. Mihara chose the name so he could freely move around and view the world he helped create from a fan's point of view. Mihara believes he has found, in Misaki, the one deus who has the most potential.
Hatoko Kobayashi

Hatoko-chan is a five-year-old deus in kindergarten who has already had experience in climbing the ladder of official tournaments. Hatoko makes her opponents attack first and then spends the majority of the match watching the opposing deus' and Angel's actions. This is done so she can use her Angel, Suzuka, to exploit any weaknesses she observed in her opponent.
Kousoku no Suzuka

"Light Speed Suzuka" is a speed-type Angel with a powerful attack called Rolling Thunder. Though Suzuka isn't very strong, she is small and extremely fast. If her deus, Hatoko, can find a weakness in the opponent's actions or defenses, Suzuka can quickly pound the opponent before they realize what weaknesses they gave away in the heat of battle.
Ringo Seto

Ringo-chan is a well-known idol who recently started fighting with her Angel Ranga. During battle, Ringo moves her body so she can toy with her opponent during the fight. Ringo can act like a stuck-up person at times, but she is actually very friendly albeit annoying to her opponents before and after matches. She is always gracious though and thanks her opponents in her own special way after a match.
Odoru Ranga

"Dancing Ranga" is a speed-type Angel with a distorting special attack called Hypnotic Dance. Ranga is dressed as a Arabian dancer and with her deus, Ringo, she can quickly put an opponent down with repetition of attacks if Ringo discovers a weakness. Ranga's attacks aren't very powerful, but this does not make this Angel any less of an opponent in battle, thus forcing the opponent to always be on guard.

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