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Megumi Hayashibara - "Bertemu"

Review by: Diana Kou (Michiru Kaioh)

What comes to mind when you hear the name, "Megumi Hayashibara"? Rei Ayanami perhaps? Or maybe Ranma Saotome? Maybe even Lina Inverse, right?

Hayashibara is definitely not 'new' to the Anime or Seiyuu scene. Starring in the most popular roles of Anime History, Hayashibara has been crowned the "Most Popular Seiyuu of All Time". I personally never looked into her music or works, but I am indeed impressed with this particular CD.

The first and foremost reason I bought this CD was to have the "Zankoku Na Tenshi no Teeze" Ayanami Version, as I once had in only MP3 format. This, of course, is the popular theme to the most controversial series in Japan, "Shin Seiki Evangelion". With this said, I must confess it is my favorable of the tracks.

"Give a Reason" : The ever-popular "Slayers" theme song. Upbeat, catchy and definitely a winner. Likable if not even a Slayers fan.

"Touch Yourself" : From "Slayers" as well. A rocky-techno type dance song. Hayashibara wrote the words to this song herself.

"Hanaretemo" : A nice, soft ballad. Friends and I agree that this is another great track of the CD. I believe that this is the only ballad on the album, actually.

"Zankoku Na Tenshi no Teeze" : Need I say more? Ever notice how nearly every version of this song is simply a clone of the other? Not this one! Dance mix galore :D

"Midnight Blue" : The "Slayers Perfect" Movie ending song. I really like this track. It's almost a mix of salsa and dance together.. and reminds me of "Waiting for Tonight" by Jennifer Lopez O.o;

"Matsuri Uta" : From "Blue Seed". This is definitely a "spiritual" feeling song. Hayashibara's child-like voice adds a vague and haunting tone to the track. Hayashibara wrote the words to this song herself.

"Shakunetsu no Koi" : The "Slayers EX" ending song. Yet another great track. I'd personally like to see her perform this track live for some odd reason.

"Life" : The "Blue Seed" ending song. Cute, but not one of my favorites. Although, it definitely sounds like an 'anime song'.

"Fly Me To The Moon" : Nothing much can be said about this song. It doesn't really differ from the other 50 + some odd versions! ^,^()

"Shining Girl" : From "Slayers". This song is pretty catchy too, anime-styled. Her voice reminds me of Cat Girl Nuku-Nuku here.

"Nostalgic Lover" : From "Tekkaman Blade II". I really enjoy this song as well. The background music is put together well, but it sounds like 80's / early 90's music. The chorus line is my favorite though :

Out of love
subete no itami o.
Out of love
tori nozo ite ageru wa kitto.

Nostalgic Lover kaeritai toki ha
watashi no kono mune de yasuragi ageru.
Nostalgic Lover nani mo shirana katta
kodomo no hi no you ni amaeteii no…

"Too Late" : From "Bakuretsu Hunters". Yet another winner. Any Hayashibara fan can tell you that her songs all have a 'dance' style to them. I really compliment this song, and boy do I love it when she says, "Its too late, modorenai…"

"Going History" : Yet another from "Slayers". Fast and catchy. It seems as if all the tracks Hayashibara did for Slayers are great ones. This is one of the better of the tracks as well. My favorite part is, "We can We can any time maji ka wakaranai kokoro, nani mo iwanai"

"Cherish Christmas" : Can we say, "TOO CUTE"? Hayashibara wrote this song herself. It's nice, but only something I could listen to once.

"Successful Mission" : The "Saber Marionette J" opening song. Great track, but it sounds very familiar to her Slayers tracks. I now understand why [Hitoshi] Doi-san commented that this CD was "kind of boring".

"I'll be there" : The "Saber Marionette J" ending song. I can say the same for this as the OP.

Hitoshi Doi quoted, "In the Oricon album chart this CD climbed to number 3 by selling 101,280 in it's first week (1996.11.11). It sold 43,650 in its second week, and stayed in the top 10 at number 6. "

The first prints of this CD came with special 'goodies' : A 40 page hard cover booklet of pictures and such, as well as a deluxe cardboard CD case and booklet holder.

Romanized / Translated lyrics for this CD can be found at: in the "J-Pop" section.

The overall rating I give this CD is an A-. I think that's pretty decent, considering I am not a huge Hayashibara fan, but it does indeed make me curious enough to want another of her albums. I still personally prefer the songs of Megumi Ogata, due to the various styles she presents on her albums -- Basically, its not only dance. With all that said and done, Megumi Hayashibara is a great singer, composer and seiyuu, and this album is great for any of her Anime Role loving fans!

Review Info File
Megumi Hayashibara - "Bertemu"
5" Compact Disc (CDDA)
King Records (KICS-590)
Rating:  A-

Compiled mainly of songs from her Anime and Radio Drama works, the CD features the following tracks:

4:28 Give a Reason
5:09 Touch Yourself
4:16 Hanareteitemo
4:18 Zankoku na Tenshi no Teeze [Ayanami Version]
5:33 Midnight Blue
4:27 Matsuri Uta
4:00 Shakunetsu no Koi
4:07 Life
4:36 Fly Me To The Moon [Ayanami Version]
4:14 Shining Girl
4:30 Nostalgic Lover
4:34 Too Late [New Version]
4:34 Going History
5:32 Cherish Christmas
4:10 * Successful Mission
5:24 * I'll Be There

(Tracks with * appear only in bootleg versions)

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