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Nazca Vol. 1 - Blades of Fate

Review by: Adam "OMEGA" Arnold

Imagine you are a normal high school student, you belong to the Kendo club, and you have good friends. Then, one day, you're at a Kendo tournament, watching your Sensei battle, and suddenly you see his true self as the match goes horribly wrong. Memories of a past life slowly begin to unravel as you learn you are really the reincarnation of a 500-year-dead Inca. But, you aren't alone, almost everyone you know is also a reincarnated soul. And you learn that your former friends and enemies are all out to destroy you.

This is just the circumstance that Kyoji Miura must face in the 13 episode series, Nazca. Though the first two episodes of the series take a while to get the plot rolling, the third episode's sudden cliffhanger hooks the viewer so they are eager for the other three volumes of the series.

The English dub features great acting by a group of voice actors that give the series a feel that is fresh and much welcomed. As to be expected with a Pioneer release, the translation is clean and engaging. The music, however, is very inconsistent with some very good tracks and some very drab tracks. At a first glance, the opening credit sequence leaves something to be desired, and by the third viewing of the sequence, it will leave the viewer wondering why the creators chose to use so much stocked footage from episodes one and two. In the background of the opening sequence is a very memorable instrumental track that is a cross between new age and possible Incan music, which gives the theme a catchy nature.

In conclusion, if you enjoyed Please Save My Earth, give Nazca a try. It's an unexpected twist on the whole reincarnation concept that shouldn't be missed.

Review Info File
Nazca Vol. 1 - Blades of Fate (episodes 1-3)
VHS Dub/Sub, Bilingual DVD
Pioneer LDC
Kadokawa Shoten
Rating:  A-
If you love martial arts, ancient civilizations, or just like tales of reincarnation, then this series is for you.
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