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Wild Cardz

Review by: Adam "OMEGA" Arnold

The Card Kingdom is under attack by two giant war machines, one white and one black. Now its up to the card weilding Crown Knights (aka Jaja Uma Quartette) to save their beloved kingdom from imminent destruction. But what happens when your own power fails you? You stack the deck and kick butt!

The two episodes that make up Wild Cardz present fast-paced visuals and cute character designs for the four main characters but, nearly all of the supporting cast have distorted features which lack noises, making their faces seem flat. Overall, this is a far cry from other recent high-quality OVA ventures as seen in Japan as of late.

The translation leaves something to be desired, because the dub is virtually a direct port of the very literal subtitled version. At times only a few words were changed, making the dub dry and often unemotional during fast-paced scenes. The English dub is probably one of the most annoying dubs there is, due to the overacting of the villain Chee and the dry acting of the supporting cast. But, other than that, the voices of the four Crown Knights are what save this dub. Debora Rabbai as Jo Diamonds and Apollo Smile as Coco Hearts give particularly memorable performances to the otherwise shrill soundtrack.

Central Park Media has done all they can to make this OVA better than it is. The DVD release features a DVD-Rom program that can be viewed when run on a PC or Mac. This Macromedia Shockwave program features character dossiers, a high quality picture gallery, scripts of both episodes, character dossiers, and links to parts of the CPM web site. Besides that, the DVD features are a time-honored set of interactive menus, language selection, scene access, sneak peeks, and CPM's special feature of showcasing the show's main voice actors.

In conclusion, if you liked Battle Skipper then you should enjoy this show. Because, though the series is by the director of New Cutey Honey, Wild Cardz is a very unmemorable anime that is nothing more than a reminder that you could have bought something else instead.

Review Info File
Jaja UMA! Quartette [J] / Wild Cardz [E]
VHS Dub/Sub, Bilingual DVD
Studio OX
BMG Japan, Inc.
Rating:  D+
Too cute for its own good.
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