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Mangaphile: The Magazine for Manga Fans

by Adam "OMEGA" Arnold

Right from the start, Radio Comix's latest project, Mangaphile: The Magazine for Manga Fans, was much more than the other magazines on the market today. The content of the comic-sized, bi-monthly magazine can best be described as a blending of industry rooted interviews, manga-inspired comic showcases, and tutorials.

Currently at issue three, the magazine has featured interviews with Adam Warren, Fred Perry, and Kenichi Sonoda, loaded with insights into the American and Japanese comic industries as well as little-known tidbits on the creators themselves.

The "Fabulous First Issue's" Adam Warren interview is appropriately titled "Pah Snot Kute," due to his quirky look at what a person needs to make it in today's comics field. It features insights into Adam's creative process, hilarious advice in dealing with editors, and other helpful hints. The interview is also complimented by text commentaries and pictures of Adam's various projects, a rough artwork sketch, and a bit of info on the rare Adam Warren Sketchbook.

The NekoCon-R interview with Fred Perry, creator of Gold Digger, in issue two, takes a series of obligatory questions on technique, goes into a look at influences and gives info on the current status on the Gold Digger animation Fred is working on. The interview is particularly helpful for its tips on submitting artwork to hopefully get it published.

And the phone interview with Kenichi Sonoda, the creator of Gunsmith Cats and Riding Bean, in issue three, gives considerable insight into Sonoda's personality and how he works. From how he got started to the creation of the Gunsmith Cats, the interview is in the league of such giants as Animerica. There is also a look into Sonoda's doujinshi work, his latest manga work, "God Cannon Exaxxion," and even a few comments on the video games he likes and his thoughts on Neon Genesis Evangelion.

In the future, Mangaphile will feature interviews with Tsukasa Kotobuki and Hisao Tamaki.

Each issue of Mangaphile contains a message from Pat Duke as well as her insanely in-depth look at how to color comics on the computer called "Photoshop for Comics." The first few articles strive to explain the complicated aspects and terms associated with coloring, how to set-up equipment correctly, and forthcoming articles will actually go through the coloring process. If online tutorials have failed you, these articles might just help you get the effects you want.

Finally, no issue of Mangaphile would be complete without the manga-inspired comics. Some of the highlights over the first three issues include the monthly one-page Wendy Comic shorts by Joshua B. Lesnick, Rob Espinosa's well-drawn and funny Chronicles of the Universe from issue 1, issue 2's The Creative Process of Eddie Perkins, and Clare's Dragon Part 1 by Rob Lansley and Ken Lowe. Each comic is in black and white and range from one page to eight pages and feature top-notch stories and artwork.

Mangaphile: The Magazine for Manga Fans is one of those books that you see on the shelves and the cover and title catches your eye and the next thing you know, you've got the book in your hands. So, if you get the chance be sure to pick up this book, it's 34 pages of information and comics all for a mere $2.95. You won't be disappointed in what you get for your money.

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Page 3 - Cover Story ANIMEfringe: April 2000 - Page 4 Page 5 - Reviews
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You are currently viewing an archived back issue of Animefringe Online Magazine. Click here to read our latest issue!