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ANIMEfringe: July 2000

In July's fringe, we take a first look into an all-new manga series in Monthly Shonen Ace by Nishidate Naoki, called San Choume no Kamisama. Along with character profiles and an in-depth synopsis of what's been released so far, you can also find an ANIMEfringe-EXCLUSIVE Unofficial Translation Script, all of which is definitely worth looking at. After you're done doing that, be sure to check out our newest experiment in cutting-edge internet technology - ADAMVISION. Be amazed as you actually WATCH Adam perform for you like a caged animal as he shows us all How to Read Manga! And you thought you already knew how, didn't you? Wrong!

Cover Story: First Look: San Choume no Kamisama
Let us introduce you to Chihiro -- By any token, an ordinary boy, transplanted from the countryside to the city life 5 years ago, and leaving behind his one best friend -- a curious girl named Inaho, who returns to haunt his memories as he pays a visit to his grandparents, back in the quiet, picturesque countryside he used to call home. A lot of strange things have been happening to Chihiro lately... His Dad's been acting possessed, his Mom is quickly losing patience, and on his way to his grandparents' house, he had an unfortunate encounter with a rather angry bear. Luckily for him, a mysterious girl appears from out of nowhere and turns the bear away with a wave of her hand. But who is this girl?

By Ikusabe Wataru, Adam "OMEGA" Arnold, and Steve Diabo (Kaneda) - More...

Subfeature: ADAMVISION: How to Read Manga
Come along for the ride of your life... with ADAMVISION, the latest advance in entertainment technology. Get blow'd right outta your seat as Adam makes you laugh, cry and think, all in bright, vivid, beautiful color! In this, our first trial of this fresh new entertainment medium, Adam will teach us all how to read a manga -- the right way. WARNING: ADAMVISION is not for the faint of heart...

By Adam "OMEGA" Arnold and Steve Diabo (Kaneda) - More...

ANIMEfringe News Brief

Anime News Network: Crystal Clear Again

The Anime News Network ( made a name for itself with the Mixx Controversy, and gave it credibility as one of the leading news wires. But, when ANN mysteriously went offline it raised some suspicion. The Network went on to show a gap of over a month without the news being updated, and all fears had become a reality. Anime News Network was in trouble.

Now, it seems all fears can be put aside, because the Anime News Network is back.

On June 15, new Editors-in-Chief Tempest and Cookie took over the reigns of the fledgling newswire and began posting daily updates of the Anime world happenings. So, all the news-deprived otaku can now rejoice that the ANN is back in the comfy spot that was but a darkened corner of the net in May 2000.

The Return of Escaflowne

It had been quite some time since the ending of the "Tenkuu no Escaflowne" series. While most of its original fans had already moved on to other series, Sunrise announces the release of a movie version of the series, scheduled to be out late June. With the premiere showing already over and done with on June 24th in Japan, here are some bits and pieces of info that some of you former "Escaflowne" fans might be interested: The story began with a the scene of a giant airship with a very unusual cargo onboard - a huge statue. The airship is then taken over by a young man with amazing sword skills. After the young man found the place where the statue was kept, he begins to mumble, "The armor of dragons, your name is 'Escaflowne'... my armor." The storyline of the movie version would be similar to a remake and compressed version of the entire original series with several changes. In the movie, Hitomi is just another everyday schoolgirl who had been living a normal life without any solid goal in life... until the day she found herself in another world, waking up inside the body of a battle armor called "Escaflowne", awaken by none other than our hero of the series, Van. Together, they venture through the land of Gaia much like they did in the original series. And, of course, Alan will also be included in the movie.

A CD single containing the theme song used in the movie version had already been released on June 21st, entitled "Yubiwa," (in Kanji, meaning 'Ring') sung by Hitomi's voice actress, Kawasumi Ayako, priced at 1020Yen. The full soundtrack from the movie is scheduled to be out on July 5th, with theme songs and BGMs all in one, priced at 3045Yen.

A preview movie in Windows Media ASF format is also available for download at the official site in Japan. Visit the official Japanese website at Nifty Surf for the latest information.

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