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Nadesico The Movie: The Prince of Darkness
Japanese VHS / DVD
87 Minutes
Tatsuo Sato
Star Child
Kadokawa Shoten
TV Tokyo
Xebec ING
Not as good as the TV series, but definitly worth checking out.
ANIMEfringe Reviews:
Nadesico The Movie: The Prince of Darkness
By Adam "OMEGA" Arnold

Set three years after the end of the Martian Successor Nadesico television series, Nadesico The Movie: The Prince of Darkness is a surreal trip that advances the story of the Nadesico and her crew to the next level. Ruri Hoshino is now captain of the Nadesico B and is appointed to investigate a series of colony attacks by a Boson-jump capable mech. The investigation reviles that the colonies were built under a Tulip gate project called the "Hisago Plan" and thanks to Harry, Ruri Ruri's new hacker crew member, top secret documents are uncovered just as the system goes nuts displaying the word 'OTIKA' on every monitor. Then things get stranger.

Though considerably darker in tone than the TV series, the movie is still filled with the trademark humor that made the series so enjoyable. Yet, the movie is too dark for its own good at times. A lot can happen in three years; people are dead, lives have been changed, and the past has left its mark.

On the other hand, the movie is filled with character cameos and tons of fan service that fans of the series will definitely get a kick out of. To give a tiny hint, there is nothing like seeing a sixteen year-old Ruri-chan in bed with her 'boyfriend.' But, the majority of the fun comes from seeing what lives the characters have chosen to lead.

The animation is clean and fluid with stunning CG animated sequences thrown in for good measures, pretty much everything that has come to be expected from theatrical animation. Though the soundtrack doesn't take lessons from the series, the music does fit the movie's tone. In fact the ending theme, "Dearest," is far from upbeat, but is unforgettable none-the-less.

The movie isn't without its share of faults. The movie's action is too contained with the initial plot being too confusing. In a way, the movie can literally be split into two parts; the Nadesico B investigation of the colony destructions and the gathering of the original crew.

The strongest gripe that the movie brings is the fact that it doesn't have a conclusion. It just ends. And unanswered questions are left up to the viewer to ponder.

But, any true Nadesico fan can over look these flaws because the movie is the reunion of one of the most unforgettable casts in all of anime.

With the movie not scheduled to be released until ADV has finished releasing the twelve volumes of the television series, it might be best to find another way to see the movie. But be warned, a lot of the mysteries and character relationships built in the television series will be reviled. All things considered, the movie acts more like a bridge for some future series or movie series to spring from. In all its flaws, there are dozens of loveable characters in scenes filled with action and suspense which more than makes up for the movies shortcomings.

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You are currently viewing an archived back issue of Animefringe Online Magazine. Click here to read our latest issue!