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Sailor Moon Collectible Card Game - 1st Edition
Introductory Starter Decks
2-Player Character Decks
11 Card Booster Packs
Guardians Of Order
Dart Flipcards Inc.
Toei Animation
Naoko Takeuchi
The female version of the DragonBall Z CCG? Maybe, but it's another anime CCG for people to play and collect.

ANIMEfringe Reviews:
Sailor Moon Collectible Card Game - 1st Edition
By Adam "OMEGA" Arnold


Whether you like it or not, there is a new anime Collectible Card Game flooding the market on the heels of the long-gone Ani-Mayhem and the recent Pokémon and DragonBall Z. This time, the game is based on the fan favorite Sailor Moon.

Brought to life by Guardians Of Order, the creators of the role-playing game Big Eyes, Small Mouth and the Sailor Moon RPG line of products, and Dart Flipcards Inc., makers of previous Sailor Moon trading card sets, the card game puts the player in charge of the Sailor Senshi in their quest to rid the Universe of evil forces. The first edition is comprised of 160 cards featuring characters from the Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon R TV seasons, including a few cards from episodes skipped by DiC.

The game comes in three forms, but it is possible to bypass the Introductory Starter Deck and just pick up a 2-Player Character Deck (available in five scouts and Tuxedo Mask theme boxes) and a few 11 card Booster Packs. Since the Character Decks contain 12 health counter beads, 60 game cards, and the complete rule book, a Starter Deck is just a digression because everything a player will need is in a Character Deck.

Booster Packs are also quite interesting on their own. If a player manages to obtain a full box of cards, chances are good that they will have nearly a full set of the cards. In my case, out of 160 cards I was only missing 5 Rare cards and 8 of the Chase cards. Judging from the fact that cards are randomly inserted into the boxes, obtaining such a large number of the cards was pure luck.

From a collector's point of view, the card game has a simplistic layout that makes it one of the most traditional-looking when compared to other more colorful card games on the market. What the Sailor Moon CCG does have to offer are some of the most original pictures from the Sailor Moon anime to ever grace the face of a domestic trading card. The vast majority of the cards pictures are totally unique to this set and all appear with crisp lines like they were taken directly from a master of the show or from an art book.

From a gamer's point of view, the key to learning any new CCG is to read the book to learn the basics and see how the cards work. Once you have learned one game, then all the others are similarly based, just of different complexity. The Sailor Moon CCG offers novice players something unique, basic game instructions are printed in pink at the bottom of each card. But, Standard & Advanced players, who know that all card games are similarly based, are offered all the stats that fill the tops of the cards to battle the forces of evil with.

The Sailor Moon CCG may just be adding to the already swelling CCG market, but it does offer a unique stat-system that may just bring players over to the excellent pen-and-paper Sailor Moon RPG. The only thing going against this game is the fact that it seems to be the girls version of the DragonBall Z CCG. Yet, if collecting cards or playing card games is your thing, then be sure to give this game a try. You'll never know if it's your thing unless you try.

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