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Record of Lodoss War - The Advent of Cardice (Lodosstou Senki ~ Jyashin Kourin ~)
1 GD-ROM Disc for Dreamcast Game Console (Import) / 61 Blocks of Memory Space Required (Minimum)
Sega Enterprises
Diablo, anyone?

ANIMEfringe Reviews:
Record of Lodoss War - The Advent of Cardice
By Ikusabe Wataru

"Parn, what kind of reward do you think I should give him for his effort," Deedlit chuckles as she turns to Parn with that playful look on her face, asking him about how they should thank the hero standing there in front of the two who helped Parn in his quest to save Deedlit. "Ummm... Maybe a kiss?"
"Wha... Why are you asking me? It has nothing to do with me," Parn answers.

And the hero in this case, is you! Sounds fun, doesn't it? It's all part of the screenplay you will come to experience in this Record of Lodoss War game, with an original storyline written by one of the original authors who wrote Record of Lodoss War - Mizuno Yoshi.

Ever thought about what it would be like to fight in those massive group battles in the Lodoss War series? Here's your chance. Similar to the gaming system used in the American PC game Diablo, the player will see more action than any A-RPG ever before. Throughout Lodoss' history, heroes and demons had been fighting back and forth for total control over this vast land. Now, with the power of the Dreamcast console, anime fans can get in the action like never before. Slash and swing your giant sword in the name of Good and Justice to stop the revival of the Demon god Cardice. With the game, anime fans can now be part of the story -- a legendary hero from ancient times, revived by the wandering Master Sorcerer Wort to battle the forces of darkness, and ultimately, the most powerful demon of all.

The story itself begins with the resurrection of the mysterious character which the player will be controlling throughout the game, as the last hope of Lodoss. After a brief introduction and practice run for the player about the control and battle system, the player will be free to roam around the enormous island of Mamo, a small country near the mainland of Lodoss, where the Demon God Cardice will be brought back from the dead if the player fails to stop the plan of the Dark Wizard Bagnad (a character from the original Lodoss War series). As advised by the wandering Master Socerer, you will be asked to gather help from all across the Mamo Island to aid your quest to defeat Bagnad: among them are Freelance Warrior Parn and High Elf Deedlit.

In the game, the player will be able to wander through the entire island of Mamo, fighting enemies ranging from zombies to gigantic flame dragons (one of the toughest enemies in the entire game, who can block more than two-thirds of the screen by just standing there). You'll learn new magic spells, customize your weapons and armor through the use of fusion, fight and stay alive in group battles with yourself against over twenty different enemies on screen at the same time, and most importantly, get the chance to interact with characters from the original anime series. One such event would be the player's encounter with Parn in the Forest of Darkness and their quest to rescue High Elf Deedlit from a gang of goblins living inside an underground maze.

If you tried the PC game Diablo before and found that you are not a fan of that type of RPG, then you will probably be better off trying some other game, because the majority of this game is plain and simple slash-and-kill. No anime-style graphics were used, only pre-rendered graphics. But regardless, this is a game worth trying.

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