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Namie Amuro - Never End
Total Play - 25:04
Total Tracks - 4
1,050 / $12 Retail Price
Earthbeat, Inc.
Avex Trax
Released July 12, 2000
Out of Print July 11, 2002

ANIMEfringe Reviews:
Namie Amuro - Never End
By Dai Kou

1999 was a year that brought much pain to Namie Amuro. Coinciding with the release of her then-new single, "Respect the Power of Love", the mother of this twenty-three year old Japanese Pop Princess was murdered at the hands of her own son-in-law's brother. At the time, Amuro almost lost the passion she had in making her music. However, with the support of her fans she recovered from her great loss. Now, more than a year later, Amuro continues to ignite the stage and give her beloved fans exactly what they want.

"Never End" is no longer Amuro's most current release; a second single was just released September 27, 2000 [Title unknown / CDS Format / Cat# AVCD-30153 / 1,050 / 12cm CD ].

Being a deluxe single, this CD features 4 tracks as listed below, with short reviews.

1. Never End - Radio Edit
This song proves Amuro's voice has changed in some sort of way, however, for the good! Personally, I feel that Amuro now sings with an even higher form of feeling conveyed in her music, and this song is a perfect representation of it. The song travels in perfect consistency, and for that, it truly is one of my favorite songs from this cherished artist.

2. Never End - Original Mix
This version of the song brings less instrumentals to the foreground, making Amuro's voice more rich and heard. There is a slight difference in the end as well, however, it is just as good of a song.

3. Never End - Chanpuru Mix
Somewhat the 'karaoke' version for the track, however, a bit of mixed-in verses as well as containing both the radio and original mix edit inputs.

4. Never End - Acappella
Simply as stated -- the ultimate acappella of the track. Not exactly "done" acappella, however, the actual track recording that was later placed with the radio/original versions.

I certainly hope that I am not the only person to have fallen in love with this song at first 'hear'. Whether a true fan of Namie Amuro or not, one is sure to enjoy the song greatly. I suppose it's all about Amuro's magic -- being able to convey feelings through her song, no matter what the language, whether you understand or not -- the song gets to the heart.

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