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ANIMEfringe Cover Story:
Hand Maid May
By Adam "OMEGA" Arnold, Steve Diabo (Kaneda) and Ikusabe Wataru

Instruction manual:

Congratulations. You are now the proud owner of a Cyberdoll Type-G 99, part of the Maid Model Robot series by Cyberdyne Co., the most advanced robot maid that is 1/6 the size of a real maid. She may be small but she has high capabilities. She can do simple things from turning on the TV from afar to more advanced challenges like cleaning up dust ingrained areas. As with anything electronic, you must remember to keep your Cyberdoll Type-G 99 in a safe place so that she isn't damaged accidentally. Now that you know what to expect from your unit, let's begin the set-up process.

Maid Model Robot Set-Up

When you first begin operation of Cyberdyne Co.'s Maid Model Robot you will be greeted with the set-up process. Throughout this process the Maid Model Robot will refer to itself as a Cyberdoll. You must agree to the provisions included with the packaging and to the verbal provisions stated by the Maid Model Robot. These are as follows:

"This Cyberdoll is Cyberdyne Co.'s authorized genuine registered product. Cyberdolls must be handled according to Cyberdyne Co.'s standard provision. And if you don't agree with the handling provision, please stop using the product and return the Cyberdoll and the other parts back to Cyberdyne Co. immediately. "

Once you have agreed to these terms you need only verify your birthday as the registered user, the Maid Model Robot will take care of electronic registration automatically.

Once You Are Registered

You will be able to interact with your Maid Model Robot. Your Maid Model Robot will begin referring to itself by the pre-programmed first name that you specified during the ordering process and during this time you can specify the name you wish your Cyberdoll to call you by. Remember to speak and enunciate clearly.

Recharging The Unit

The unit will continue functioning for a few minutes before it prompts you to attach the Battery Power Charger that is included in the units packaging.

1. Lay the unit face down.
2. Lift up the Maid Model Robot's blouse.
3. Remove the serge-protector undergarments.
4. Plug the Battery Power Charger's cord firmly into the Maid Model Robot's port.
5. Plug the other end of the Battery Power Charger cord into an electrical outlet.
Battery Recharging will begin and you can continue using your unit in a few hours.

Problems With Your Maid Model Robot?

If you are having a problem setting up or using your unit, we want to help.
Please make sure you have read the Maid Model Robot Set-Up section thoroughly.
If you followed the directions and still have trouble setting up or using your unit, you do not need to be using this unit.

About The Show

On July 26 a unique TV series from Wonder Farm, TNK, and Pioneer LDC began airing on WOWOW. Though Hand Maid May was only 10 episodes long, it was crammed full of fan service. With identifiable concepts borrowed from a number of Japanese and American sources, the show began to take on a life of it's own.

Kazuya Saotome is your average college guy. He lives in an apartment with a beautiful girl who loves to give him some fan service. He has a rival who wants to do nothing but get even with him for all the things that have happened to him in the past. Ok, that might not be average, but it makes for an interesting plot.

Kazuya snores through his 'Introduction to Magnetism' exam and Nanbara decides to get even for his failing grade. So, he gives Kazuya a DVD-Rom with a Trogin virus on it that once loaded will require the user to input a set of commands as they are given. If he can't, the virus will be activated. But, something goes wrong, the computer begins to give off an eerie light, and an order is placed to Cyberdyne Co.

The next thing Kazuya knows is there is a ring at his door. He opens up and there is a woman with a package for him. Talk about fast service. But, when Kazuya goes to get his stamp, the lady disappears.

What he's just been given is Cyberdoll May, a robot maid who's M.A.I.D. status is an acronym for 'Meet AI Departure'. The AI stands for both the literal acronym 'Artificial Intelligence' and for the more Japanese meaning of Love. As Tokyo Pop would say, "Love between meeting and leaving." But, regardless as the series progresses the comment "love is piled up" takes greater meaning as it "is immortal through all eternity."

A pretty deep message for a comedy.

Hand Maid May: Character Dossier
Kazuya Saotome

Kazuya (Student ID #25523-99) is a 2nd year EE student at Ochanomizu Institute of Technology who has a knack at building things. Because of Kazuya had to prevent the virus on Nanbara's DVD-Rom, the order for May was placed and now Kazuya's Doeramon Research Project has been put on hold.
Cyberdoll May

May is a Maid Model Robot (Type G-99(D)-JPS) made by the Cyberdyne Co. When the parcel containing May was opened, Kazuya dropped her batter charger and when May ran out of power, he had to connect a USB port to her to recharge her. She now cleans Kazuya's room in exchange for a cute ribbon.
Kasumi Tani

Tani is the daughter of the landlord of the Kasumi Inn and her room is connected with Kazuya-kun's room by a horizontal ladder. Tani is very active is often seen tracking down rent skippers when she isn't checking out the latest project Kazuya is working on.
Koutarou Nanbara

Nanbara is a rival student who's main goal in life is to get even with Kazuya for the sufferings he endured because Kazuya out did him in the past. Nanbara is noisy and is often found in exaggerated gestures as he tries to disrupt Kazuya's various projects.
Cyberdoll Sara

Sara (Af-77LC-CHN) was assigned the job of collecting the unpaid money from the delivery of Cyberdoll May. Sara seems to have a weakness for the taste of good ramen.
Cyberdoll Rena

Rena (Cf-3357L-JPA) came to the present to take back May, but she fails and is stuck in the present where she now has become a friend of Kazuya's squid robot.
Cyberdoll Kei

Kei (Af-444LC-JPN) was also sent to the present to by the Cyberdyne Co. to collect May. Kei may be smart, but she does have a tendency to walk while reading.
Cyberdoll Mami

Mami (Af-863LD-USNY) is from a USA division of the Cyberdyne Co. and thus is a combination of Japanese and American cultures as she comes with a kimono and roller blades.

Further Resources

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