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McFarlane's 3D Animation from Japan
5 Ultra-Action Figures
Kaneda (Akira)
Tetsuo (Akira)
Kaneda's Bike (Akira)
Vash the Stampede (Trigun)
Ryoko (Tenchi-Muyo!)
McFarlane Toys
TMP International, Inc.
The parts make for some serious chocking hazards. But if you spend the cash you better not let any little kids near these babies.

ANIMEfringe Reviews:
McFarlane's 3D Animation from Japan
By Adam "OMEGA" Arnold

I was out at the mall one day and I was amazed when I saw the anime figures that I had waited patiently for. I picked them up and was amazed. They are just so detailed and look better in person than pictures could ever make them look. But, as much as I like packaging, I have this urge to remove the figures from their plastic prisons. So, take this journey with me as I do the most uncollectorly thing to do, take figures out of the packages. [shock]!

First up is Kaneda from the Akira collection. I take the top corner of the plastic packaging and bring my figure nail into the small opening and lift. The packaging begins to give and after a few moments, the case is separated from the back board reviling a twist tie. I untie it and pull the figure from the case and stand him on my desk.

Dressed in his trademark red biker jacket with the blue and yellow pill on the back, his red jeans, and blue-green shirt Kaneda comes equipped with his experimental government riffle which can be connected to his hand with a little effort. There is even a riffle recharger which you can put on his left arm and connect the cord to the riffle, how exactly is pretty much near impossible to do. He also has some biker goggles which can be shifted around his neck, but I wouldn't recommend removing this accessory from his head due to the very thin nature of the plastic. There are even spiffy plastic belts and frills that defy gravity as Kaneda strikes his menacing pose. Oh, and need I forget, you can even see his teeth inside his famous toilet bowl mouth.

Next we have Tetsuo with his shredded cape that makes you wonder how the heck they packaged the figure with it. He's got his gravity-defying pointed hair, and his highly-articulated replacement arm. But, what makes this figure cool is the fact that it comes with a sprawling metal and organic replacement arm that's right out of the beginning of the mutation sequence of the movie. Anal note: Tetsuo's picture on the front of his package is flipped. His mutated arm is supposed to be on the right like the figure, but instead the picture shows it on the left. Just thought you'd like to know.

The last of the Akira collection is Kaneda's Bike, which is basically a bike. But, it's a must have bike. It's got the words on the front, a clear plastic wind shield, and working wheels. Plus, the front section raises up to reveal hydraulics and other detailed inner workings of the bike.

As most of you know by now, I'm not a Trigun lover in any fashion. But, I did say I would get Vash The Stampede when he came out, and I have. Vash comes with the most accessories of all the figures and probably has the most articulation and twist ties as well. The figure comes complete with a stand and background and bullet-ridden cactus complete with a wanted poster. There is even one of Vash's guns and a bionic arm replacement part and black cat. But, what set's this character apart from the others is the fact that he is just so detailed. His red trench-coat has five flowing flaps, his legs are covered in belts, straps, and studs, he has a real chain with a cross on the end, his trademark shades, and his arm gun which really moves.

Finally, we have dear Ryoko from Tenchi-Muyo! with that pointy blue hair, the clutching hands, those slender legs, and that reviling busty outfit. Ryoko comes complete with all this and a round stand that she fits perfectly on, thanks to a metal rod in her left foot. There is even her red energy sword that fits in her right hand. Last, but not least, is Ryo-Ohki complete with detailed fur and pointy whiskers.

There you have it, the first wave of McFarlane's 3D Animation form Japan collection of Ultra-Action Figures. Whatever the price, these babies are worth every penny spent. And boy do they look good out of the package.

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