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Pokémon: Para ser un Maestro
Total Play: 48:55
Total Tracks - 13
$15 retail price
Nintendo of America
4Kids Entertainment
Cherry Lane Music Publishing Company
KOCH Entertainment
Released 1999.

ANIMEfringe Reviews:
Pokémon: Para ser un Maestro
By Mia Ortega

żQuiero ser on Maestro? Well you can with the Spanish version of the "2 B A Master" Pokémon CD. The CD is called "Para ser un Maestro", which has the same meaning but just not the clever shorthand use in the English language.

The CD has 13 tracks, just like the English version. In fact, the songs are the same except they are dubbed in to Spanish. I have never seen the Spanish dub myself, but this leads me to believe that instead of dubbing the series directly from the original Japanese content, they dubbed the North American version. So it's a dub of a dub. The characters names are the same as the North American dub. The funny thing is, Team Rocket's names, Jessie and James are the same...even though the J in the Spanish language sounds more like the H in the English language. And nothing was altered from the Pokérap either. Except of course the part where in the North American version it says "That's all folks!". This part is left with no words, just the background music, I guess they couldn't find a catchy Spanish phrase to rhyme with Slowpoke.

The tracks are as listed below:

1. Tema de Pokémon (Pokémon theme) -
A catchy tune. Just like the North American theme, it plays in your head at the most bizarre times.

2. Tengo que ser un maestro Pokémon (I have to be a Pokémon master) -
I liked the music, but the voice that comes out of nowhere toward the end is really scary.

3. Ciudad Viridian (Viridian City) -
This song wasn't bad, however I really didn't care for the main singer. His pitch makes my hair stand on end.

4. żQue clase de Pokémon eres tú? (What kind of Pokémon are you?) -
This is a cute song. I like singing along with the chorus.

5. Mis mejores amigos (My best friends) -
No. This song is malo. No me gusta.

6. Todo cambia (Everything changes) -
I didn't really care for this song in English, so I wasn't surprised when the Spanish version made me cringe.

7. Llegó la hora (The time has come) -
This is about following your dreams, believing in yourself. I like this song, I especially like the message it sends.

8. Pokémon dance mix -
I like this song alot! It's great to listen to while working out. It is very upbeat and energizing.

9. Equipo Rocket (Team Rocket) -
This song is great. I love Team Rocket, in any language. Though Meowth's voice is horrid, the motto makes up for it. Try saying it in SPANISH! Whew, talk about a tongue twister.

10. Por siempre juntos (Together Forever) -
This song is absoultely adorable. It is about friendship, and how they will be together forever, no matter what.

11. Canción de Misty (Misty's Song) -
This is my favorite song on the CD. It's so sweet. Even though Misty sounds like she is twentysomething, you still understand what she is trying to express.

12. PokéRAP -
How can you not love the PokéRAP?

13. Querer es poder (To desire is power) -
Another cute song. Very motivational, saying that anything can be accomplished if you just try.

The CD also has PokéRAP videos you can watch on your computer. I don't own "2 B A Master", but I liked this CD. It's a great way to learn Spanish, especially since the CD is a direct translation of "2 B A Master". So knowing the English lyrics, and hearing them translated can really help teach some of the basics of the language, and even put it into perspective.

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