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Amazing Nurse Nanako Vol.2: Fire-Crackers (Nanako Kaitai Shinsyo)
Dub/Sub VHS, Bilingual DVD
2 episodes
60 minutes
Pioneer LDC
Save Our Nurse Project
Hiroshi Negishi
New Generation Pictures
Nanako has fan service that goes to eleven.

Animefringe Reviews:
Amazing Nurse Nanako Vol.2: Fire-Crackers DVD
By Adam "OMEGA" Arnold

Amazing Nurse Nanako is half light-hearted sex-comedy and half mind-altering conspiracy-theory. It's a series that I fell in love with the moment I first saw the Nanako preview trailer (aka Operation 0). And with series you love it's sometimes easy to find fault later in the series whether it be because of the episodes or the actual story. But, with this second volume, I was really shocked at what I saw from the second volume: It took all the errors in the first volume and fixed them!

Let's start with the stuff that's similar to the first disc and some info on the episodes. The DVD menu's still sport the famous ‘bouncing breast' and mood-setting music, but the picture this time is of the cat-costumed Nanako which appears on the volume's back cover and on the character mini-standee that is included with the volume.

The first of the volumes two episodes is Operation III: The Psycho Patient which really plays up the laughs as a teen has been brought in to Dr. Kyoji Ogami for study to figure out the reason he was found at a crime scene covered in the blood from the butchered victim. It soon becomes apparent that there is a blood abnormality in the lad and it's up to Nanako to get a new blood sample analyzed. The results revile that the kid is a degenerated product of a massive cloning project.

Throughout the examination, the boy keeps an eye on Nanako's *cough* underwear and when a warning goes off, all hell breaks loose. The youth transforms into a giant lizard-like beast and starts wrecking the hospital as the clone tries to fulfill it's primal urges. Now, it's up to Nanako and her band of pervert friends to capture the monster. The only problem for Nanako is she's the bait.

Moving on to Operation IV: Fire-Crackers it becomes apparent that the mysteries of the series lie much deeper than just a secret pact with the Vatican at the center of a great conspiracy. No, the episode sets the series on the fast track for a conclusion as it sets the stage for the secrets surrounding Nanako and her connection to Dr. Ogami to come to the light as Dr. Ogami goes out to visit his father while Nanako and the others attend the International Weapons Show.

Nanako ends up showing off Dr. Ogami's latest invention, the Ogami Powersuit 2B/Prototype, which makes Nanako have increased strength, agility, and even weapons capabilities. But, during the testing Kyoji's rival from M.I.T. shows up and it's Nanako versus the Griffin Mark 2, a giant robot right out of a classic Japanese anime plot. See the prototype for Kyoji's greatest invention; the Cyborg Nana-Go. Experience the trill of a life-and-death game of Red Light, Green Light. And learn the secrets of the past Kyoji and Nanako share.

By far Operation IV is my favorite episode of the series because it clearly pokes fun at the fan-based nature of anime in much the same way that Martian Successor Nadesico does. With great voice acting in both the sub and dub, funny characters, and tons of fan service, what more can I ask for from an anime?

But, what makes Amazing Nurse Nanako Vol.2: Fire-Crackers such an improvement over the first volume is the fact that the ending credits finally include subtitles that can be turned on and off. The first volume didn't have the ending theme subtitle translation, so the inclusion of the translation really makes the volume near perfect in terms of presentation.

There is still one more thing that needs to be mentioned, the DVD extras. Included are 25 more character design sketches and as the volume calls it a ‘Special Trailer.' This trailer is in fact the Nanako prelude chapter that is essential to understanding the big question of ‘why Nananko is at Ogami General Hospital.' Though, the trailer originally appeared on the special promotional DVD from Pioneer called Wanted 2000, but it is nice to have Operation 0 on the DVD with the rest of the series. If you haven't seen this trailer, then you are in for a surprise because it has a ton of fan service that will make you fall over laughing.

So follow the doctor's orders, Amazing Nurse Nanako is just the prescription you need to cure the crappy anime blues.

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