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Animefringe Web Showcase for December 2000:
Site By HCE

"When I first came across animeDOTmusic, I was totally blown away by the really cool layout. And then I noticed the Sakura image on the main page was blinking, and differently each time I might add. A pretty easy thing to do, but it made the page seem alive. The content is pretty cool as well. Featuring both anime edition content and spotlight songs the site has a lot going for it. Add all that together with some excellent artwork and you've got a very interesting experience. I also really like the unique writing style used with the content."

"Music, man, I love music. We all do though, right? I'll tell you what I like... a good anime music page. And here we've found one! I'm pretty sure there's no other sites around quite like this one, that do what this site does, and do it with such a sense of style and fun. The layout is very nice -- clean, simple... And you'd think that salmon color is gross but it really looks all right on this website. <g> This site's definitely one to keep an ear on. Ha, ha! Ear! I swear, I kill myself sometimes!"

"Great layouts -- simple yet catchy, attractive and clean. Humor is a great factor of the webmaster, making the place a fun site to experience. The overall site presents to be a great resource for music they feature, with the images and lyric accompanyment. I hope to see this site grow to an even more extreme level, as it looks greatly promising with their past accomplishments."

"Either my computer is really stone aged or I am just really stupid. For some reason I can't hear the music. Am I supposed to hear something? Other than that the layout is gorgeous. I absolutely love the blinking Sakura pic. And the layout is wonderful. I had no trouble getting around, and there is tons of info on the music that I am supposed to hear. So I know just about everything about it except for how it sounds. It's obvious that the designers spent a lot of time and effort on this. It looks great. Oh and I love the copyright notes. They are right to tell others not to pick their noses. That's gross."

"animeDOTmusic is definately a site to watch! So far they've only covered the soundtracks for Serial Experiments Lain, Love Hina and Trigun, but the amount of depth that went into each issue is commendable. Not only does the site let you listen to the featured soundtracks, but it has detailed articles on certain tracks, the musicians, and the anime. My only complaint is the length of time between updates and lack of articles, but I'm sure this will improve as the site designers get some assistance on the writing front. The design end is perfect: don't change a thing! Keep the music features coming!"

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You are currently viewing an archived back issue of Animefringe Online Magazine. Click here to read our latest issue!