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Animefringe Coverage:
The Top 25 Must-Visit Anime Websites
By Adam "OMEGA" Arnold

Anime Castle
Videos, music, games, manga, etc. chances are Anime Castle has it. But, not only that they have it up to 30% off the retail price. And if you just happen to have a hard time deciding what to buy for that special someone, why not check out the top 3 boards at the top of the main page for the hottest items. Oh, and they have some snacks as well. Just goes to show you that it does pay to shop online.

A Sailor Moon Romance
In the mood for a nice romantic story? How about some good old-fashioned fan fiction? A Sailor Moon Romance is the first place you should look for all your Sailormoon story needs. With a huge library packed full of stories from fans, you can pretty much be guaranteed you'll find something you'll enjoy. There is even some romantic artwork and music to get you in the mood. But, you better get cracking though, the Silver Millennium is almost over.

A Fan's View
If you are planning on attending an anime convention, then the A Fan's View web site should be the first place to look for information. What better place can there be to find out something about a convention than a web site devoted to the whole convention experience? Sporting a convention schedule, reports going back as 1997, and other cool topics, A Fan's View should be you number one stop for all your convention needs.

AnimeUNSW: Anime and Manga Society
A second anime club makes the list and this time it's an Aussie site. AnimeUNSW is Sydney's largest anime club and is apart of the University of New South Wales where they do all the cool things anime clubs do. Though the page is primarily club oriented, it does have a regularly updated community section which features anime news, columns, and various articles.

Sailor Moon: Save Our Sailors
Probably one of the most famous Sailor Moon sites ever created, the SOS has been instrumental in convincing, or at least helping, executives to support Sailor Moon in a way fans would want. You should know the legend of the SOS by know, but their quest isn't over. Today, the SOS has become one of the most trusted sources for in-depth, factual information concerning Sailor Moon releases.

Newtype Magazine Online
Newtype launched as a monthly web site version on July 21, 2000 and has released a new issue in the last weeks of each and every month. What makes Newtype's web site unique is the fact that it uses java to it's advantage making the website static and as interesting to read as the magazine itself. But, the coolest part about Newtype Magazine Online is the fact that it is in English and they let the readers choose which content they want to see in the next version of the site.

Ever wanted to track down that certain anime and just didn't know where to start looking? Well, is probably one of the best places to start your search. They have a huge fansub database that can be accessed by company, title, or last updated and they even have a huge fansub script database. There is even a message board where you can learn about how to fansub, report crappy fansub places, and just talk about anything on your mind.

Daizenshuu EX
The second appearance of a DragonBall web site on this list gives us a site filled tons of original multimedia and information. It's easy to see why this site is one of the best because it is updated virtually everyday with something new to download or read. There are even DragonBall reviews and editorials about anime as well as tons of other DragonBall oriented content that's helpful for any fan to use.

ADV Films
With one of the largest and most diverse anime release catalogues, ADV Films web site has become a mecca for information chronicling their releases both on video and in the anime community. You can even download trailers and desktop backgrounds as well as hear and read interviews with your favorite ADV voice actors as well as check out trailers. But, can you name all the video covers that appear in the Catalogue page logo in less than 5 seconds?

Otaku World
If you are looking for that anime related game or accessory you've always been wanting, chances are Otaku World's got it. From KiSS dolls to desktop themes to screen savers. Whatever you are in the mood for, they probably have it. Oh, and let's not forget about the huge Anime Guide packed with info that can be navigated virtually any way you could think of. There are even pages dedicated to import gaming as well!

The University of Massachusetts Japanese Animation and Manga Society web site is not just you standard club site. The site's main draw is the colorful Anime News page by Scott Green which sports short info bytes along with a small picture to show the main intent of the news. Besides the daily updated news page there are also manga reviews, a message board, and various other club-oriented pages.

AnimeCity: Dein Anime und Manga Onlinemag
Number 14 shows proof that there are excellent anime-based sites that aren't in English or in Japanese! AnimeCity is a German webzine that features international news, anime and manga info, various special features, and tons of other cool stuff. It's pretty easy to see why this site has such a big following. Be sure to check it out.

They were instrumental in uniting the anime community to petition Buena Vista to gain the original Japanese language track for the DVD release of Princess Mononoke. They have everything you could possibly want to know about Studio Ghibli's past and future projects and all the products otaku could ever want. It's plain to see they are the source for anything and everything about Hayao Miyazaki's works.

Hitoshi Doi's Pages
If you haven't heard of Hitoshi Doi then you need to crawl back into the bathroom and finish getting over your drunken stooper. Hitoshi Doi is the world's biggest otaku. He's spent years going on little to no sleep creating one of the largest, if not the largest, collection of HTML pages on the net. Sailor Moon, Saint Tail, Card Captor Sakura, they are just a small portion of the total site.

Featuring Eva news, series info, pictures, and much more, the Australian N eon Genesis Evangelion website has a lot to offer. In particular the news page features information about Evangelion from around the world which means you can find out about what's happening with Eva in your part of the world. And if you want some answers, then be sure to check out the famous Red Cross Book translation.

Anime Pitstop
Searching the net for anime stuff has never been easier than with Anime Pitstop. Sporting a layout reminiscent of one of those big name search engines, Anime Pitstop gives you the total power to search, browse, add, and update links. And when you get tired of wasting time surfing, there is a message board with some of the most unique people you'll find on the net.

Anime Genesis
Anime Genesis is so graphic intensive that it has a disclaimer for people with low speed connections. But, don't let that stop you from visiting one of the most stunning web sites on the net. The gallery sports a ton of images from different artist and let's you scroll through them flash-style.

Anime Nation
Want something? Chances are Anime Nation has it listed and has it in stock! Sporting a easy to use and fast loading layout, Anime Nation should be your first stop for all your anime and manga needs. And if you hadn't heard about some important bit of release news yet, then the news page has it listed.

Planet Namek
How could any list be complete without a site about DragonBall? Seeing as how this is one of the best you better believe they have everything you could possibly want to know about the series, the characters, the movies, the specials, the games, the merchandise--you name it, it's here. And be sure to check out the Humor page for some insanely funny stuff that will make you think twice about the fans–especially the odd e-mails page.

EX - The Online World of Anime and Manga
You know the name. You know the site. You know the content. EX has been the place to read professional-style articles and reviews for over 5 years. You can search the site's archives and learn about all those series that you have been dying to see. And be sure to check out Chad Kime's Point of View column for inside info on the anime industry that will make you think of things in a new light.

Want to chat with some of the most unique people on the net? Want to discuss some of the most popular series around? Or maybe you want to see what a friendly and organized message board is like. Well, Animeboards is the place to be. With tons of forums for you to interact with there is bound to be something that is of interest to you.

Anime News Service
If no-frills news all on one page that easy to read and access in one mouse-click is your thing, then Anime News Service is the place for you. Featuring the most recent news and a full archive going back to 1998, ANS should be one of the sites that you visit daily. The only thing else to say is 'check it out!'

Anime on DVD
Anime on DVD has grown from a petition site to encourage companies to bring more titles out on DVD into a site that has become the most trusted source for information about what series will be released next. But a message board where people in the industry tell the fans what's up is only a small portion of the site. There are also some of the most up-to-the-minute DVD reviews for your reading pleasure. Oh, and be sure to check out the Digital Omake section for all those anime DVD Easter Eggs.

Anime News Network
Since launching in 1998, ANN has become the first place fans turn for all their news related needs. They ask the questions the fans what to know the answers to, they post the content that makes a difference, and they make each news article interesting and fun to read. All these aspects combine to make the AnimeNewsNetwork the leading place for companies make their news heard and for otaku to learn about the things they care about.

Anime Web Turnpike
Your at the last exit before the toll and what do you do? Get off or stay on? That's a hard question to answer if you are low on change, but if you aren't then a trip on the Anipike is just the thing to make you feel like a newborn otaku all over again. Once you are on you will be cruising through the largest collection of otaku related links on the net. Just remember, if you see Trixie Turnpike, be sure to give her a ride because she's got a long road ahead of her.

Congratulations to all the Top 25!

Special Thanks to AnimeNewsNetwork, CompuServe's Anime/Manga Forum,, and Anime Pitstop for all your support in helping to make this poll the success that it has been. Thank you. ^_^

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