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Animefringe: January 2001

Wai! So much content... It's making my head spin just thinking we managed to get all this stuff out in a month. But, only the best for our loyal readers. This month is our special anniversary issue so we've gone all out and created a special 'director's commentary' of our first 12 issues for your reading pleasure. Adam's got the results of our website poll and Jake's got the scope on the manga series EAGLE and he's also got another one of his great columns. Oh, and don't forget about our special Animefringe Vol.1 Issue 0 that has all our original pre-launch content totally updated and in magazine format for the first time ever. All this content should keep you busy for a while. Thank you for reading. ^_^

Animefringe at One

It's hard to believe we're already one year-old! It seems like it was just yesterday when we first beta tested Animefringe's very first layout on the web. In just one year we've managed to put out 12... count 'em... 12 issues that chronicle the world of the otaku. So, to celebrate this first year anniversary, Team Animefringe has sat down and poured through the old issues of Animefringe and prepared a commentary of the past year's worth of issues. Plus, we've packed the article full of production images and tons of Easter eggs. Oh, and we promise tons of fan service.

By Adam "OMEGA" Arnold, Steve Diabo (Kaneda), Dai Kou, Ever Cheung, Mia Ortega, and Jake Forbes - More...

The Top 25 Must-Visit Anime Websites

The results are in for Animefringe's Internet poll for The Top 25 Must-Visit Anime Websites and we've got the skinny on all the top sites. The results were close, but the winner's all deserve a round of applause and a lot of clicks. Next exit, 1/2 mile.

By Adam "OMEGA" Arnold - More...

Cover Story: EAGLE: The Making of an Asian-American President

The world may finally know who the president of the United States of America is, but in the world of Kaui Kawaguchi's manga, anything is still possible. Senator Kenneth Yamaoka will do whatever it takes to become the next president, and Japanese reporter Takeshi Jo is determined to understand what drives him.

By Jake Forbes - More...

Animefringe Vol.1, Issue 0

Back in 1999, Team Animefringe tested the waters and tried to figure out just what the anime community wanted to see. Their idea's were big and their dreams were humongous. So, for the first time in a very, very long time we present to you the original content of Animefringe. But, don't think this is just a rehash of the old content. No Way! This special omake sports totally revised layouts, updated content, and some fan service. Click, read, and enjoy.

By Team Animefringe - More...

Editorial: Chasing Otakuism - You Say Tomato, I Say Succulent, Red, Vine-grown Fruit! or an Editor's Defense of Editing

This month Jake takes a look at the trials and tribulations that go into editing manga for the fan community. Filled with real examples and tough decisions editor's have had to make, this months column may just make you pity the poor guy's and gal's that must read through all the non-sense that comes into their offices.

By Jake Forbes - More...

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You are currently viewing an archived back issue of Animefringe Online Magazine. Click here to read our latest issue!