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Oh My Goddess!:

Keiichi Morisato

Age: 21(OVA), 25(Manga)
Height: 158cm (5'2")
Hair: Black
Eye: Brown

Keiichi is a NIT college student who dialed a wrong number and wound up with the goddess Belldandy as his girlfriend. Keiichi soon found himself surrounded by goddesses either trying to get him to go further with Belldandy or trying to keep them apart. Nonetheless, Keiichi is kindhearted and would never do anything to hurt any of the goddesses because they are now a part of his family.


Age: About 25 Earth years
Height: 165 cm (5'5")
Hair: Light Brown
Eye: Light Blue
Class: First Class
License: Unlimited, First grade
Domain: Present
Alternate Energy Source: Sleep

Sweet and kindhearted. The goddess Belldandy was summoned to Earth by Keiichi and soon found herself bound by contract to be his girlfriend forever. Belldandy's personality makes her easily forgive any faults she finds in people, yet she is an extremely powerful goddess with powers to combat nearly any problem that may arise. The triangle on Belldandy's head keeps her in contact with heaven at all times, yet the phone is needed when the Yggdrasil system is down. Belldandy is able to travel to other locations via mirrors.


Age: About 24 Earth years
Height: 170 cm (5'7")
Hair: White
Eye: Brown
Class: Second Class
License: Limited
Domain: The Past
Alternate Source of Energy: Sake

Elegant and playful. The goddess Urd came to Earth to get Belldandy and Keiichi to go further in their relationship. But, Urd soon found herself addicted to sake and television. Urd is split between two personalities due to the fact that she is a combination of a goddess and a demon. This union of good and bad makes Urd the most powerful goddess of the group, but due to her actions in the past, she has been demoted to a Second Class Goddess license which limits her powers. Urd is able to travel to other locations via video monitors.


Age: About 12 Earth years
Height: 150 cm (4'11")
Hair: Black
Eye: Deep Brown
Class: Second Class
License: Limited, Second grade
Domain: Future
Alternate source of energy: Ice Cream

Intelligent and inexperienced. The goddess Skuld came to Earth so that she could solve a problem that had arisen in the Heavens involving 'bugs' appearing in the Yggdrasil system. Skuld is a very inexperienced goddess who is still developing her powers, because of this Skuld tends to rely on her inventions to solve porblems that may arise during her stay on Earth. However, most of her inventions tend to go berserk and cause more problems that the ones at hand. Skuld is able to travel to other locations via hot water.

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You are currently viewing an archived back issue of Animefringe Online Magazine. Click here to read our latest issue!