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Oh, GONZO again. =)
Overall Rating: B+

Animefringe Reviews:
By Ever Cheung

Ever wondered what it would be like for teenage heros to fight aliens from outter space in an environment setting from the 60s and 70s without all that fancy spacecrafts and laser beams? Well, here's your chance!

It was the start of the economic boom, as Japan slowly recovers from the second World War a new threat surfaced, like a demon awakening from its long sleep - the alien species refered to as the "Invaders". With the soul purpose of wiping out all human life on Earth, the "Invaders" used the dark side of the human mind to gain control over people, turn them and use them as their own slaves. And like most other heros in anime, Ukia Shun never suspected anything out of the ordinary until the day when he was almost ran over by a gigantic sphere made up of "Invaders" which had been chasing down a special armor vechicle carrying one of the most important piece of new technology developed by the A.E.G.I.S., a special organization found near the end of WWII to plan, develop weapons and training of Gatekeepers to battle the "Invaders". Gatekeepers were people who possess the power to channel power from another dimension into their attacks, which was the only effective countermeasure against the invinsible "Invaders".

Angered by the destruction of the traffic island (it holds a certain sentimental value to Shun because his whole family used to go through that place on a daily basis before his father died in a car accident) caused by the "Invaders", Ukia discovered his Gate power for the first time when he destroied the "Invaders" with the help of Ikusawa Ruriko, one of the best Gatekeepers in the A.E.G.I.S... and to his suprise, she's also his childhood friend whom he haven't seen for years, the little girl he used to call as the "Stuffy nose Rurippe" (the scene when Ruriko screamed and tried to stop Ukia from calling out her old nickname when they first regonized each other after the fight with the "Invaders" is absolutly hilarious). =) If you're a big fan of Nadesico, this is an anime you can't miss! Because the character designer in "Gatekeepers" was the same person who worked as the character designer in the Nadesico series, Mr. Gotou Keiji.

Currently only the first four volumes of the series (on VHS and DVD format with three episodes in each volume) had been released, the rest, volume five to volume eight are scheduled for release one by one on a monthly basis until April 25th. For more background information and pictures from the series, visit Gatekeeper's official Japanese website at:

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