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Animefringe Reviews!

Big month for import reviews. Animefringe has the skinny on some stuff straight from Japan that you may consider checking out. But, don't think we forgot about the domestic scene. Since the 3x3 Eyes DVD Collection has been delayed until February, we've got the next best thing: reviews of both 3x3 Eyes VHS box sets!

As usual, we're willing to review anything you'll like from Japan. That includes ANYTHING -- Anime, Manga, canned beverages, toothpaste, music... anything. We mean it. So, if you have a review you'd like to see on Animefringe (we'll put it right here on this page with the rest of the month's reviews...) don't be afraid to send it over...

3x3 Eyes: Immortals

Yakumo's got it tough. First he nearly runs over a girl, then he get's killed, and the next thing he knows he is an immortal zombie with a nack for getting himself into some very painful situations. What's a wu to do? What else--protect the Sanjiyan that has his soul and pray they can find a way to become human one day. Oh, but he get's brownie points because he falls in love with his soulmate. Pun intended.

By Adam "OMEGA" Arnold - More...

3x3 Eyes: Legend of the Divine Demon

See what Yakumo get's for falling in love? The girl he loves disappears and he spends four years of his immortal life trying to find his lost love. Sleeping in allies, getting spit on by tourist, not bathing in years... it's not a pretty picture. But, that's love for you. Oh, but who's that girl in that magazine you found in the trash? Could it be...

By Adam "OMEGA" Arnold - More...

The Big-O

By day, Roger is an elite Negotiator, fighting evil man to man, but when evil and corruption show up giant robot style, Roger meets them in like fashion, taking control of the mighty Big-O!

By Jake Forbes - More...


The year was 1969, lurking in the shadows behind the booming Japan economy was a group of aliens called the "Invaders" that cannot be killed by any types of conventional weapons known to men, and only the power channelled from another dimension through the use of "Gates" can stop them... Now, as the new member of the elite Earth defense organization A.E.G.I.S., Ukia Shun must lead the group of Gatekeepers to defend our world from total destruction in this exceptional anime series.

By Ever Cheung - More...


Hibiki Tokai's life was changed instantly when he came into contact with another living being he have never seen before - a girl! From the awsome anime production group GONZO comes the love-love sci-fi comedy about the story of relationships between boys and girls and the dangers laying ahead that they must deal with as one.

By Ever Cheung - More...

Eriko with Crunch - Luv is Magic

Eriko Imai and her background dancers, 'Crunch', are at it again with the new single, "Luv is Magic". Do they have what it takes to sustain popularity amongst the Japanese Music community? Take a look-see!

By Diana Kou - More...

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