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Web Showcase
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Animefringe Web Showcase for January 2001:
The Utena Network
Site By The Team

"Alright! An Utena site that is made for a person that already knows the plot. This site pretty much blew me away when I first saw the content it had. There is some excellent info on the movie and icon, winamp skin downloads and Utena mail. But, all that aside what impressed me the most about the site was the fact that there are 8 different character shrines (with 2 more in the works) each sporting a different and unique layout. And the best thing about The Utena Network is it's updated regularly!"

"Speaking from a designer's perspective, this site has a lot to love. You can tell right away that the author of the main page wanted to be a rebel and do something truly innovative and never before seen. The end result is a pretty damn slick-looking gateway page that's pure eye candy. ^_^ Each character "shrine" is unique, and offers a different perspetive on the characters and the series. Some of the shrine layouts are breathtaking. This thing really IS a network...
In terms of content, The Utena Network delivers touches all the bases, explores a great many of the facets of the remarkable Utena series, and does it all in style. So, long story short, The Utena Network is a tremendously high-quality site that's a must-visit for any self-respecting Utena fan. *insert Reading Rainbow sound effect here... 'dada-da!'*"

"I find this site terribly attractive. The layout compliments the Utena series quite well as it is, being the abstract, yet simple and attractive form. It holds a great deal of information vital to any SKU fan, hardcore or newbie. With anything ranging from mere info, to downloads and even store directory guides, this site's got it goin' on!"

"The very first thing that caught my eyes is the color theme, red all around, and the way things were organized - spreaded side ways instead of the traditional vertical distribution. And the clear and simple navigation links sure makes browsing easier for the visiting otakus. The in deepth evalution on each characters also makes interesting reading material (not to mention the distinctive design in every character shrines), especially the part about the tarot card reading, showing viewers how Utena's birthday might've played a role in her life, people she met and things she did. Oh, and if you are a really die-hard fan of the Utena series, don't forget to apply for a utenamail account too! ^^"

"The Utena Network- what can't I say? I've been a fan of this site since it's very beginning. It's most definitely a site for the otaku who is already an Utena-addict, but that doesn't mean everyone can't enjoy it! After all- just look at those graphics, that design, and that layout! A previous "pink" version was even a large inspiration for my own site. But what makes this network really get an A+ in my bookmarks, is the fact that it also has regularly updated content. Something that is often pretty hard to come by- witness the Utena Encyclopedia which hasn't been updated since December of 1999! It's worth your valuable connection time. Plainly put, The Utena Network has almost everything I could want in an Utena site- slick eye candy, enviable design and layout, thoughtful and useful content, their own domain (no pop-ups, hurrah!), and all those extras which make a website special. You know I've got an utenamail account."

"Ehh, I can't read anything without highlighting on the Utena Shrine. The other shrines are pretty cool, except of course for the nonexistant Kanae and Ruka shrines. The Wakaba shrine colors were primarily orange and maroon. Hehehe, good choice. And there are plenty of links in the Miscellaneous section to keep you busy for hours (as if the shrines didn't)."

"I am sorry to admit that I have never watched Utena, so this site meant very little to me. It is very well designed, and menus have ingenious names, but this site was obviously made by a fan for fans (and the webmaster admits as much in the introduction page). If you're a Utena fan, I can't imagine that there is a better resource on the net, but if you have no idea what Utena is, this site alone is not likely to convert you."

 PAGE 15 - PAGE 16 - Cover Page 
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