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Animefringe: February 2001

This month Animefringe bombards you with a hard-hitting look at the must-have Playstation 2 game Zone of the Enders which is set to create a new phenomenon. Dai has served up a delightful dish of an article spotlighting some of the best snacks in Japan, Animefringeís newcomer Ridwan has a hysterical quiz for Valentineís Day, and Jake has an editorial that blows the lid off of a certain gaming trend thatís set to explode in America soon.

Zone of the Enders

The solar system is in turmoil and at the heart of it all is a young boy with the power to turn the tides of war. No, itís not First Gundam, itís Zone of the Enders, the ultra-realistic sci-fi mecha adventure game for Playstaion 2. Weíve got the skinny on why the game is sure to spark a new fan base as well as a look at the technical terms associated with the Z.O.E. Universe. But, best of all weíve got the skinny on Sunriseís OVA movie Z.O.E. 2167 Idolo.

By Adam "OMEGA" Arnold and Ever Cheung - More...

The Otaku Love Quiz

Flowers, candy, hearts, love... you know the drill. But in Japan that tradition gets turned upside down. So, weíve got a quiz for you to figure just what kind of lover you are. Itís strange, itís informative, but most of all itís fun.

By Ridwan Khan - More...

Junk Food ŗ la Japan

Surely every Otaku is familiar with Japanese snacks! From Pocky to Pretz, Gummies to Goren, Japan's variety of tasty foods definitely strikes the hearts of many - - perhaps even millions! Take a look-see of what seems to be hitting it off in the tummies of individuals everywhere.

By Dai Kou - More...

Editorial: Chasing Otakuism - 12 Steps to Addiction: Confessions of a DDR addict

Jakeís at it again. This month he takes a beyond anal look at a phenomenon that has the power to turn anyone who tries it into and obsessed junkie. So take a journey into the frightening world of DDR and learn how to recognize the signs of an incurable addiction before itís too late.

By Jake Forbes - More...

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You are currently viewing an archived back issue of Animefringe Online Magazine. Click here to read our latest issue!