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Volks Excellent Doll Body
Jointed Doll
Outstanding for articulation and universality. How can you top a selection of bodies that can fit almost any character?
Overall Rating: A+

Animefringe Reviews:
Volks Excellent Doll Body
By Eliza Frye

As a doll and figure collector, one of the things I always look for is articulation. What fun is it if Hikaru can't even hold her sword? None at all, and that's where this special product comes in. Many of the anime dolls on the market feature a very limited amount of articulation. Most only move at the neck, shoulders, and hips which doesn't make for a very life-like display; that is precisely why the 1/6 scale (about 11.5") Volks Excellent Doll Body is such an advent to collectors.

With a vast array of body types to choose from, one can find a match for nearly every character. The female bodies range from very normal "A" Type to the beyond-porn star Legendary "H" Type. Melons, volleyballs… you get the idea. Male and child bodies are also produced and light and dark skin tones can be found for most models. But what makes these little bundles of articulation so unique is the fact that Volks only sells them as bodies. This means that you can take one (like my "A" Type here) and use it to enhance a doll you already own! Let's examine Hikaru, the Magic Knight. When I first bought her, the body was made out of thin, cheap plastic with only five points of articulation. Her arms and legs could stiffly move in a 360 degree revolution while her head turned from side to side. Now she has a new and improved physique with (count them) with 15 points of articulation! I'm just thrilled with all the new possibilities- hands on hips, crossed arms, yes even kneeling. She can twist into more positions than I can!

I know, I know, Volks had already been producing a line of Action Dolls with same amount of articulation for years. The big deal is the fact that now they're just selling the bodies, which means that even cheap dolls can look great. That is, they look great if you don't mind a few joints peeking out here and there. Sometimes the dolls can have a "Pinocchio" look if too much of the body is exposed, especially the stomach. However, it really is a minor detraction from the beauty gained with such pose freedom.

The body itself is also very well made, crafted from sturdy plastic. Every one of the joints is ball and socket, which means that they can rotate in all directions for even more poses. The body comes with a blank vinyl head (in case you want to create your own doll) and two sets of feet for shoed and barefoot displays. Brilliant! Legs specifically made for boots are scheduled for a future release. The only other possible thing I could complain about is the fact that none of the feet are made to fit into heels, which can be somewhat limiting. But, this is a small flaw, and kind of refreshing in a way. One could almost call this the most progressive release of the doll industry in past 20 years. It makes you just want to go out and buy one for every doll in your collection, doesn't it? Good, because you can at a price of only ¥2200!

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