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Kaiyodo Evangelion Models
EVA-00 Proto Type Metallic
Yamaguchi Katsushisa
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Overall Rating: A

Animefringe Reviews:
Kaiyodo Evangelion Models
By Dai Kou

Shin Seiki Evangelion, also known as "Neon Genesis Evangelion" to English-influenced fans, proves to be Japan's "Most Controversial Series - - Ever". The mixture of religion, sex, humor and mecha not only put this series in high ranks, but served as an unstopable laucher of products for thirsty fans - - Literally, at that; Evangelion products have not only spanned the typical cards, posters and albums, but even graced itself upon UCC Original Coffee cans!

Now, to the subject matter. Any mecha-Otaku collects action figures of their favorite Anime, many of which come from Kaiyodo Co., Ltd. The relatively 'newer' Evangelion figures indeed come from the prestiged company, with new releases monthly. If this is only in foreign countries to Japan, I'm not quite sure. Either way, these models are *quite* enjoyable, and badass, to say the least.

Thus far, [and to my acknowledgement], Evangelion Series 00-04 are available for purchasing. Kaiyodo has cleverly released four versions of every model, adjusting to whatever version fans like most, or even for duplicate collectors! [Repaints are currently being released.] The variations are :

Original -
As states; the figure is in it's original form. No special paints, no special structures. Just the model in all it's original glory.

Gel -
This particular version is pretty much as states; the Evangelion is modeled in a "clear gel" structure, with complimenting color of lightened hue. All accessories and optional parts match the same structure.

Metallic -
This particular version is the one I currently collect. The structure base coloring is the same as "Original", just tinted with a glossy metallic coat for extra shine. Accessories and optional parts seem to be "Original" as well.

Reprint -
As stated earlier, the newest version of production models. These versions have an alternate color coat of paint, which seems to be one notch off of the originals. Accessories and optional parts seem to be "Original" as well, however, they may be a tint off.

Other sets have also yet to emerge. Current 'sub-sets', so to speak, consist of the "EVA-01 EX Figure Blister Packaged Box Set" - - This MEGA Model is the same size as it's regular plastic-packaged brothers and sisters, however, it comes with nearly three times as many sub-parts. Another sub-set is the "Ayanami Rei Blister Package Model", which consists of one Rei-chan figure, and various removable *and* replacable limbs, accessories and heads! [Yes, this Rei can actually have varied facial expressions! Isn't that precious?..] Sub-sets are also available in Re-paint versions, currently by Anime-distributors.

If merely a mecha-fan and or Evangelion junkie, I'd highly recommend these figures. Detailed, beautiful, and just down-right kickass, these new models make the previous Sega-produced ones seem like yesterday's news.

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