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Anime Briefs: April 2001
Anime Briefs Editor: Adam "OMEGA" Arnold

Welcome to our relatively new Anime Briefs section. In this section, you will find all sorts of juicy gossip, juicy tidbits and other equally juicy things pertaining to the otaku scene. From web rumors and online events, to breaking news to official press releases, you'll find it all here. Enjoy!

Ayanami Training Project

Brief by Ever Cheung

Ever get the idea that Evangelion is just never going to go away? Have you? Well, whether you are a modest, dignified Eva fan who is just starting to feel a bit sick from all the non-stop hype or a fanatic who's still planning to tattoo the name Ayanami on your forehead, here comes another Neon Genesis Evangelion product from GAINAX - the 'Ayanami Ikusei Keikaku' (Ayanami Training Project). Unfortunately for us otakus who use the regular Windows system, the new game will only work on Japanese based Windows 95' and 98' systems.

Priced at 8800 Yen and arriving in stores on May 18, the objective in this game is for players is to take on the role of a special officer from NERV assigned to the task of training the most popular female character of the series - Ayanami Rei, so she can work better with other members of the EVA team and function more efficiently in social situations within a one year period. Player will be prompted to make up a weekly schedule every Sunday in that year according to these four categories: 'Personal Training', 'School', 'NERV Duties' and 'Outdoor Activities'. By arranging different amounts of time for Rei to spend during the up coming week, players can slowly shape her personality to various degress to reach any of the 30 different endings embedded in the game. Her personality in the game can be ranked according to her 'Social Skills' - how she acts around fellow students in school, during field trips, cultural festivals, etc. Her 'Strength' - which can be modified by changing the amount of PE training she recieve at school or during NERV training missions. In 'Romance Relationships,' which is the most uncertain part of the game, it is possible to get the character the player controls into a romance relationship with Ayanami in the game according to the information released up to this point.

As part of the promotional campaign for all the Evangelion PC games, GAINAX had been posting a day by day "Puka Puka Rei-chan" diary on their server which visitors can see what the cloned Rei-chan is doing that particular day in the NERV growing tank (Macromedia Shockwave required, click on the picture of the Chibi Rei-chan in the orange growth tank near the bottom of the screen after arriving at the page mentioned below to get to the diary page). And of course, as a gift from GAINAX to their fans, the majority of all the graphics that will be used in the game are originals that have never been used before. For a sample of the graphics which will be used in the game and additional informations, please visit GAINAX's official site at:

Corrector Yui manga in English?

Brief by Adam Arnold

Rumor has it that TOKYOPOP is looking into releasing some new manga series in the future. One of the most high profile of these titles is Kia Asamiya's Corrector Yui manga.

Corrector Yui follows a normal girl named Yui Kasuga who lives in the future where comptures run virtually every facet of the world. The story begins as Yui unintentionally downloads an organge object which appeared on a computer at her school. When she get's home the object reappears and introduces itself as I.R. and relays a tale of how an evil virus is wreking havoc in cyberspace.

As luck would have it, Yui is the only person who can put a stop the virus named Grosser. The only catch is Yui has to find a program called "Corrector" in order to reach her goal. If she doesn't, then Grosser will infect all the computers in the world and conquer all humanity.

While official announcement has not been made, our contacts at TOKYOPOP acknowledged that an announcement would be made regarding new manga acquisitions in the very near future. If this happens then there will be plenty of Kia Asamiya manga on the stands to keep otaku happy.

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