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Flint: The Time Detective Vol.3: The Sands of Time
3 episodes
90 minutes
TV Tokyo
Right Stuf
A fun show, but some strange video problems.
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Animefringe Reviews:
Flint: The Time Detective Vol.3: The Sands of Time
By Adam "OMEGA" Arnold

When The Family Channel became Fox Family the boring station became something interesting. It gained an anime line-up that ran on Sunday mornings. Sure it was mostly reruns of Mega Man, Monster Rancher and Digimon, but there was a strange new show that appeared starting a time traveling cave boy with a giant ax that talked. It was strange and the voice actors sounded familiar, but the show was definitely anime. That show soon moved to the FOX Kids line-up and now it's being released on video by Right Stuf.

So what's the plot? Well, Flint is a cave boy who got petrified along with his dad, Rocky Hammerhead, long, long ago. The Bureau of Time and Space Investigations found them and managed to save Flint, but his dad was too far beyond saving so they made him into a ax. Now, Flint is a Time Detective in the 25th century who time travels to put a stop to the criminal's from messing with time itself. Along for the ride are fellow Time Detectives Tony and Sarah and a slew of Time Shifters, creatures that have various powers that aid the Time Detectives.

But, remember this is a comedy so the main villain is Petra, who works at the Bureau, and her henchmen follow the orders of her beloved, the Dark Lord, who's almost a dead ringer for Tuxedo Mask. When they hear that a Time Shifter has been spotted in a time era, Flint and the crew rush onto the scene only to find that Petra has used a Petra Stamp on the cute Time Shifter and made it into a mean creature and they have to reverse the process.

What I find fun about Flint is the fact that it takes so many different shows and concepts and makes them something new that's both entertaining and educational at the same time. Take for instance Petra's henchmen, they act like they were pulled right out of the early episodes of the original DragonBall series. And Flint himself is like a cross between Goku and Bonk from the game Bonk's Adventure. Heck, there are even a ton of cute Time Shifters that are sure to please even the Pokemon crowd. But, let's not forget the show has time travel involved and they go around to famous people and time periods. It's like the show was striving to be everything that Flying House wasn't.

The first thing I noticed when the first episode on the tape began to roll was that the color was severely skewed. I found myself having to adjust my TV's color because the colors red and blue appeared overly bright.

Aside from that, the sound was unaffected and remained crisp and clear throughout the volume. Which is good because this is a nice Saban dub. For fans of Digimon, you will surly recognize a ton of voices. But, I can't help but think that Petra's voice is just a tad too loud and obnoxious at times.

There are some pretty strange episodic problems that are worth noting which seem to steam from the video master which the video was copied from. None of these problems affect the number of episodes on the tape, but do interrupt the flow of the episodes because I found I had to do a lot of fast forwarding to get to the net episode.

You see, when episode 7 finished there was a long segment of black and then there appeared the opening with no audio, a pause, the title image with no text, a pause, then the opening shots from the episode, a long pause, and then a full screen shot of the images used in the ending credits, a really long pause of black and then a color bars screen, another pause, and then episode 8 airing data, and a final long pause before the episode began. In all this took up more than 5 minutes of tape where there was no sound. This same phenomenon occurred again after episode 8 but not after episode 9. Also worth noting is that there are 4 commercial break segments during each episode where there is nothing but a black screen for roughly 5 seconds. But, as I said the episodes where unaffected so it an annoying inconvenience to fast forward through a lot of dead space.

If you've seen the episodes before, there really isn't anything that you haven't seen already. But, if you've never picked up the series, or maybe just missed some the episodes. Then, give Flint a try. It's 100% anime and you can't go wrong with that.

Oh, yeah before I forget, "Memory Beam! Erase mode in effect!"

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