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Cardcaptor Sakura Complete Vocal CD
4 CDs
165.55 minutes
Sugar, in it's unadulterated music form. All the Cardcaptor Sakura you could ever want.
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Animefringe Reviews:
Cardcaptor Sakura Complete Vocal CD
By Ridwan Khan

Is there anything better than four CDs worth of Cardcaptor vocal songs? Probably, but I sure haven't found it yet. This CD almost makes up for the nauesating English dub. The limited edition Cardcaptor Sakura Complete Vocal Collection brings together nearly every Japanese vocal track released thus far for the excellent TV series.

The collection is divided into four CDs; one devoted to Sakura, one to Tomoyo, the show's themes, and an image CD.

Sakura Hen:
The Sakura CD features Sakura's voice actress Tange Sakura. Like nearly the entire collection, Sakura's CD features a very happy, upbeat flavor. Anyone who's heard Tange Sakura knows she's on the money as Sakura-chan and singing is no exception. Highlights include the orginal tv opening theme, "Catch You, Catch Me" (track 2) and the slow "Shunshou Jou Uta" (Sweet Lovers Rock, track 3). Also worth listening to are "Hitotsu Dake" (Happy, Blue Mix, track 4), the almost painfully cute "Fruits and Candy" (track 6, featuring not only Tange Sakura, but the seiyuu for Tomoyo and Kero), "Honey"(track 8), and the subtle "Arigatou" (track 10).

Tomoyo Hen:
Iwao Junko presents something more of a mix bag on the Tomoyo CD. As a singer, she is impeccable; however, some of the songs can tend to run together. Highly recommended is "Koko ni Kite" (track 3) a very folksy little number. It's possibly my favorite song in the entire set, as it shows the depth of the collection. It gets its the charm of Cardcaptor Sakura across just as well, if not better, than the sugary sweet songs. The other great track of the disc is "Watashi Dake no Movie Star" (The Movie Star Only For Me, track 6), a simple but fun little song for Sakura. Also notable is "Yoru no Uta" (tracks 1 and 9). The first is the orginal version. Track 9 is the Christmas version.

Shudaika Hen:
The Shudaika hen brings together all the opening and closing themes for the show. The only problem is that many of the themes on this disc were on the Sakura disc, the difference being that the versions on this disc are by the orginal singers, while Sakura's are sung by the character seiyuu. However, as I can't see anyone going through all four CDs at once, either, so this probably isn't that big an issue. As from the Sakura CD, "Fruits and Candy", "Catch You, Catch Me", and "Honey." Also very good are "Groovy!" (track 2), "Tobira wo Akete" (track 3), and the uplifting "Tooi Kono Machi de" (In This Distant Land, track 5). The talented Maaya Sakamoto makes an apperance on "Platina" (track 6) a good track, but certainly not her best work.

Character Hen:
The character songs are sung by the character's voice actors, but do not actually appear on the televison show (they usually are featured on CDs). This CD is a great way to end the collection as this whole disc is good. I was going to highlight the better songs on the CD but after doing so, I realized I had just written something for all ten tracks. So to paraphrase, the character CD is quite fun, including the two image songs by Li and Mei Lien ("Kininaru Aitsu" track 2 and "Kocchi wo Muite" track 7). Which is not to say the other tracks on don't stand up well on their own.

Negatives, while numbering few, are present. There is no new music in the collectiont; everything here is from a previous CD. Several tracks are repeated (the themes on Sakura's CD and the Shudaika CD; tracks 1 and 9 on the Tomoyo CD). Also, anyone looking for BGM music is out of luck. Finally, this collection is only of music from the show, so nothing from any of the Sakura movies makes it on. Finally the whole thing comes in at a whopping 8,190 (roughly $80 and closer $100 imported).

However, this set presents the very best of the Cardcaptor Sakura music. If you're a fan of the Japanese series, you owe it to yourself to grab up this collection. It features happy, upbeat music that you simply can't find on this side of the Pacific. And there is simply so much music that I find my self playing it constantly. You'll find yourself humming one or two tracks to yourself one day and then another few the next.

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