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Animefringe Web Showcase for April 2001:
DDR Dancemania Online
Site By Kiko-kun and the K-project

"There are very few true DDR related web sites out there that to find one that is this colorful and interesting is pretty awesome. First of all, to appreciate the DDR Dancemania site you have to like video games, especially DDR, and want to gain some grasp on why this game is so popular. But, the one thing I found most appealing are the Dojo and Download sections. The Dojo has a series of pictures that show basic and advanced moves which I found very easy to apply to my dancing style. And the Download section is a must visit because it has full steps by section for all the 3rd and 4th mix songs. Definitely a site to check out for anyone who wants to advance their style."

"Well, I know that each month my contribution to the web showcase is usually a critiquing of the site's design, but to be honest, this site doesn't really HAVE much of a design that inspires me to write anything. DDR is all about bright colors, ultra-hip design cues with a lot of slick sex appeal and general in-your-faceness (in other words, it's gonna look very, very strange ten years down the road...) and apart from the screenshots, this site doesn't have much in the way of color and flash-bang. The information is good and plentiful and the cellphone ringtones are certainly a cool touch, but a site like this could really benefit from a nice, tight layout that simply screams, 'LET'S GO DISCO DANCING, BAYBEE!!!' Apart from that, it's a great site and a good homebase for all you hardcore DDR freaks out there."

"What a great site! I love the layout and the banner is so eye catching. This site has everything. There is even a Dojo to help teach steps. But I don't recommend trying them out with shoes on...the people living below me are probably out to get me now. There are even DDR ringtones to download, unfortunately, I have a Nokia, but now I wish I had an Ericsson. Though I have to say, the DDR world was just a harsh reminder that there is no place within 3 hours of where I live that has a legit DDR machine. The closest resemblance of one is this spider stomping game at the nearby Chuck E. Cheese's. The MP3s don't work though. But I love the videos. How come I NEVER looked that cool when playing? I usually end up tripping over my own foot and falling on my face. Overall, a great site for a great game."

"For a new DDR addict or long term player looking for people to share their stories with, DDR Dancemania is a great site to check out. It's got good advice for newbies in the dojo and downloads of many 3'rd and 4'th mix steps for the pros. They also feature many reviews of DDR games and articles about the DDR community. Very interesting stuff. Visually, the site is a little spartan, but it get's the job done. I wish the dojo was a little more user-friendly. Even having played many hours of DDR myself, I couldn't always understand what they were saying. It would be nice to have more tips as well. This site focuses on the DDR scene in the Phillipines, but is very accessible to US players as well. It's not the best DDR site on the web, but it's one of the better ones."

"Could this be any more timely? My friends and I have been on quite a DDR kick as of late, so this site quite appropriate. The OST reviews are quite cool, but overall the site is bare. It looks good but the NBCi and V3 banners/frames are rather off putting. A good site that needs a new server."

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