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Anime Briefs: May 2001
Anime Briefs Editor: Adam "OMEGA" Arnold

NieA under 7

Brief by Adam 'OMEGA' Arnold

Can the Lain creators possibly have made a series weirder than Serial Experiments Lain? Judging from the strange 13 episode comedy series that yasuyuki ueda and yoshitoshi ABe (the lowercase is intentional because that's how like their names written... so there!) have come up with there is no doubt that things are just going to get wilder. The series in question is NieA under 7 and the title alone has some strange derivatives for how it's written; NieA under 7, NieA Under Seven, NieA under seven, NieA_7, Nu7, and pretty much any others you can think of.

NieA under 7 is set in present day Tokyo in a time when ‘Aliens' are among us, living in our closets, and eating our food. The only way you can tell an ‘Alien' from a human is by their pointy Spock-like ears and antenna coming out of their heads. But, there's a strange caste system that is derived from the size of the antenna... and those that don't have one are nothing but scum and labeled ‘unders.' One such ‘under' is NieA who has taken refuge with a girl named Mayuko, much to her dismay of course, and has been causes all types of, well, weird things to happen.

Ok you know the plot, so when's Pioneer going to release it in English? The good news is volume one will be released in early August ‘01 and will span 13 DVD volumes. Yep, word has it that the series is DVD only and both the Dub and the Sub, which are being produced by New Generation Pictures, will be very close to the original.

Our sources tell us that Pioneer wanted to keep the Japanese flavor of the show and thus a lot of the spoken Japanese words and cultural items are left in their native language. In fact so many words were kept in tact that a glossary of terms was devised. But, it's unclear if this glossary will appear as a DVD extra.

The Dub of NieA under 7 also marks the debut of a number of new voices all being directed by Taliesin Jaffe. Of particular note is the fifteen year old voice actress known as J-Ray who makes her voice acting debut as NieA. Also of note is Eric Dare, who appeared in the series Twin Peaks as the notorious psycho Leo Johnson, in the role of Yoshioka.

Here's the complete rundown of the Dub cast:
Tricia Dickson plays Mayuko Chigasaki
J-Ray plays NieA
Eric Dare plays Yoshioka
Zarah Little plays Chiaki Komatsu
Robyn Nolting plays Kotomi
Linda Bendik plays Enoshima
Lauren Bendik plays Chie
and Taliesin Jaffe plays Wakaba the Cat

So, NieA under 7's a bizarre comedy series. Can you possibly think of a better show to take Trigun's place? Wait... don't answer that.

Cowboy Bebop: Knockin' on Heaven's Door

Brief by Ridwan Khan

Cowboy Bebop stands as one of the most stylish and modern anime of the late nineties. Combining fast paced Lupin style action with with a superior jazz soundtrack, Cowboy Bebop became an instant classic. It's with that reception that work has begun on the first movie.

Knockin' on Heaven's Door gets it's title from Bob Dylan's "Before the Flood" and is set between episodes 22 and 23 of the television series. The movie reportedly has a very Moroccan feel, with many of the film's artist traveling to the country to take in local color.

Those worrying about a change of feel for the movie can breathe a sigh of relief, as the cast and crew remains unchanged from the series. Shinichirou Watanabe will still be directing and Yoko Kanno and her semi-fictional Seatbelts will be doing the music. Rumor also has it that Steve Conte, who did several vocal songs for the series has already recorded songs for the movie.

As for characters, all of the principals (Spike, Jet, Faye, Ed, and Ein) will return. Noticiably absent are the series's Vicious and Julia, though several smaller recurring characters (including the three old men) will make an apperance. The movie will also introduce several new characters, including Vincet, the main new character and Spike's bounty. Vincent may have some connection to Vicious. Also new is Electra, who is also connected to Vincent in some fashion. Finally there are also Lee Samson, a young black man and Rashid a Moroccan guide or informant.

The movie should be coming out in Japan sometime in 2001 and there are even rumors of an (limited) American theatrical release. That the movie will exhude the style of the tv seris is a given. The biggest question mark for the movie will be how it fits into the Bebop universe. Knockin' On Heaven's Door has to tread a fine line between confusing people new to Cowboy Bebop and alienating long time fans.

Thanks to See You Space Cowboy.

End of Evangelion NA Release News

We have received word from a reliable source that End of Evangelion, the first of the Neon Genesis Evangelion movies being released stateside by Manga Video, is due to be unleashed to the North American public on Halloween, October 31, 2001. Along with the release of DVD and VHS formats, Manga Video also plans to simultaneously run the film in theatres. We have yet to receive any information regarding which theatres will run the film or whether it will be shown dubbed or subtitled, however, we have also learned that Manga Video has produced a special featurette in which the voice actors are interviewed (though we are unsure whether they are the original or the American voice actors).

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