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Fanime 2001 - For Fans, by Fans
By Dai Kou

Ah, the symbols of spring. The occasional flutter of butterflies. The sprout of flourishing flowers. Your friendly Ryo-Ohki bouncing around in the Westin Hotel ... lounge? >(^o^)<

With such 'symbols', it could only mean one thing : Fanime 2001 is on the prowl!

A roaring quadruple-number figure of Anime Otaku attended this year's convention, providing for Fanime's accumulating popularity over the years. Guests ranging from talented voice performers Amanda Winn Lee [Evangelion, Gunsmith Cats, Battle Angel], Tiffany Grant [Evangelion, Blue Seed, Gunsmith Cats], Jason Lee [Blue Seed, Burn Up W, Evangelion] and Mari Iijima [Macross], to well-known Anime contributors such as Hiroyuki Yamaga [Co-producer : Furi-Kuri & Evangelion], Kunihiko Ikuhara [Director : Sailor Moon & Utena], Stan Sakai [Creator : Usagi Yojimbo], and even American entertainment professionals Greg Weisman [Writer, Producer, Story Editor], Allen Hastings [Computer graphics and Animation specialist] and Adam Warren [Comics artist and writer]. Consider the fact that this was only a fraction of the total guests at Fanime 2001 - - Who knows who'll show up at next year's gathering!

Various events and panels were lined up for attendees this year, two of which were live performances from Mari Iijima, and the ever-popular 5XL, a local j-pop and anime band. Rousing activity was most found in the Live Programming 8 room, however, where the Dance Dance Revolution 4th Mix rocked the house. With never-ending cheers from the crowd as well as seemingly never-ending activity, this had to have been one of the populace's most popular attractions.

With the natural line-up of Music Video Contests, Anime Screenings, Video Games, Karaoke, TableTop Games, Artists' Alley and much, much more, Fanime 2001 surely had its great share to offer this year. With a dance unlike any other from past events, three DJ's showed off their skills for this 2K1 bash, presented by Otaku Tribe and SNM Productions.

This year's Masquerade, given the title "Der Cos Play", shone with many-a starlight this year, as a truly wonderful line-up of walk-ons and performances gave their all. The grand winners of the Mas- - Der Cos Play this year was the "No Need for Tenchi" group, sporting an all new skit as well as round of costumes. A standing ovation for their honky-tonk line dancin'!

Seemingly Dai-chan has not much more to report, as I was feeling a bit under the weather ... again [believe it or not, I was also sick during last year's Fanime X.x;]. Nevertheless, despite the temporary loss of my camera and constant roaming of cosplay, this year's Fanime was surely greater than the last. No doubt, Fanime 2K2 shall even upstage 2K1. Hope to see you all there!

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You are currently viewing an archived back issue of Animefringe Online Magazine. Click here to read our latest issue!