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The Irresponsible Captain Tylor TV Series DVD Box Set
Trilingual DVD
26 Episodes
Koichi Mashimo
Hitoshi Yoshiyoka
Kadokawa Shoten
Tylor Project
King Record
Media Ring
Right Stuf
One of the best series you'll ever see.
Overall Rating:

Animefringe Reviews:
The Irresponsible Captain Tylor TV Series DVD Box Set
By Adam "OMEGA" Arnold

"Behind the brilliant, glorious life I've led is a chief petty officer. I therefore dedicate these memoirs to him, His Excellency the CPO." - The memoirs of Justy Ueki Tylor.

The Irresponsible Captain Tylor TV Series DVD Box Set has been a long time coming and it almost didn't see the light of day without online support--proving that once again that the online community does have the power to induce change. Sure there is still the matter of the error in the fourth disc that has to be hammered out, but all in all, the wait was definitely worth it because Tylor is one of the best series to ever be released... periond.

It's the classic tale of a young man who joins the United Planets Space Force to lead the easy life who ends up saving hostages, shooting up the ranks and gains inter-galactic recognition.

Still, the heart of the show is in it's characters all the little people that make things happen. No where else have I ever seen such a wide-array of diversity in a crew that somehow, through the course of the series goes from being totally against each other and end up working as a team for the same goal. Yes, the Destroyer Sayokaze is the dumping ground for the outlaws of space and no captain has ever lasted more than three days on the ship. Yet, somehow, Lt. Cmdr. Justy Ueki Tylor Age 20 manages to bring them all togther as a unit. And he does this by acting dignified in his duty and steady as a mountain... actually no, he does it by letting the crew do whatever they want.

But, the series isn't just about the good captain. It's also about the lives of the crew, the power struggle in the high command of the UPSF, and the happenings in the Raalgon Empire. And as the series progresses, you begin to warm up to all the characters and despise others. Tylor is all about how you feel after an episode is over. And, in my opinion, that's what makes this series so great.

So what's my favorite episode? I'd have to say Episode 20 because of all the fan service that the woman on the ship show towards the captain. But, what so cool about the series is there isn't an episode that I didn't like. And I would gladly watch the entire series over again in a heartbeat.

Overall I was very pleased with the English dub and commend the staff for putting their hearts into making the series sound as much like the Japanese original as they could. And I was quite shocked, after reading through page after page of linear notes to realize how much anal work went into getting the titles just right.

When I was first introduced to the series, I saw the initial eight episodes subtitled on VHS, so right from the start I was very much partial to the sub of the series. But, after warming up to the dub voices and realizing that there were so many great voices from Pokemon (and even other dubs such as Utena) on the show that I quickly forgot how partial I was to the original Japanese version. In fact, after watching the series dubbed all the way through, I can safely say that the series is enjoyable and incredibly funny in both versions. So no matter which version is watched, you'll still get the same experience because both sets of voices put everything they could into their roles.

Even with all that praise, I have one main gripe with the dub and that comes from the fact that the opening and ending theme songs were dubbed as well. After listening to the songs in Japanese for so long, hearing them in English really didn't do anything for me. Not that I'm against dubbed songs, in fact I very much love the way Pioneer used to dub all it's songs before they stopped all together after the release of Bastard!! But, the dubs of the Tylor songs are very low quality and sound almost as if they are in mono or like the sound quality you get when you convert a song to a low level mp3. They are nice songs, but they pale in comparison to the originals and I found myself switching to the Japanese track each time the credits played.

As I mentioned previously the discs are packed with tons of linear notes, but there are a number of other extras as well. Spread across all four disc are dossiers for the crew and ships of the UPSF and Raalgon forces as well as a ton of galleries set to music segments that can only be accessed by positioning your target lock on a particular Raalgon ship on the main menu of each disc. The way to access the extras are all the same, but seeing a full minute of clips set to music is a nice addition because there are both box cover art and animation cells presented. There is even the famous ‘whack-a-mole' segment as an extra on all the discs. And on the extras page there is even a very cool gallery option that plays a series of specially created music videos featuring clips from various episodes.

The discs also have a number of more standardized special features such as a seemingly endless list of names of the first 500 people to pre-order the box set, the Japanese-English credits, and a secret link on the weblink page to view the opening, both endings, and the episode breaks without credits blocking them. And on the fourth disc is a special tour of the Melvi done as a debriefing report that Yuriko compiled from Tylor's first-hand knowledge. Oh, yeah. Be sure to view the eye-catch frame-by-frame sometime. It's pretty cool to see all the peoples ages and the ship diagram on the side.

Ok, now on to the famous ‘disc error.' It occurs in the middle of Episode 23 right as the mid-episode break is playing and skips ahead about five minutes to where the UPSF and Raalgon Ships are, well you know. The break is kind of jarring, but it doesn't ruin the scene completely. It just breaks up the sense of angst that was building and skips to just before the payoff. Just remember, if you get the box set, make sure you are registered to get a replacement of the fourth disc. You can find full details at the Right Stuf's Official Tylor web site (

That aside, when I began the final episode I felt a sense of unease and dread that I had reached the end. I don't know, maybe I'm just more responsive to these kinds of things. But, when I reach the end of something, I don't want it to end. Yeah, I know there is an OVA, in fact I've seen how the series ends, but I was glad to know that seeing the last OVA episode didn't ruin my enjoyment of the series one bit.

You see I began watching the box set at the end of March and continued to watch it over the course of two weeks, spacing out the four discs so that I wouldn't overload myself. I had planned watching the whole series in one day-long marathon. But after finishing the first seven episodes, I decided against it so I could saver each disc individually. In a way, I think I found the shows message to be even clearer after giving myself time to enjoy them at my own leisure. Sure, there is the missing five minutes, but it doesn't totally ruin the individual episode or even the series's impact.

"The Enemy lies within." Make of that what you will. But don't let Tylor pass you by.

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