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Animefringe Web Showcase for May 2001:
Site By ElfEater

"You can never have enough cosplay and when it's a good costume it makes the whole experience that more enjoyable. I came across pretty much by accident and slowly became transfixed by the quality of ElfEater's work. Just by looking at some of her costumes I can tell you put a lot of time into them and it really shows in how well she becomes those characters in pose and attitude. On the site side of things her layout is clean and very easy to navigate. Of particular note is some of the nice use of java script on various pages. Oh, and the Plushie Drama is an excellent touch."

"Golly be! What an adorable little site this is! Hello Kitties and teddy bears and stuff make this site a real teeth-rottingly sweet experience. The site itself seems to serve as a gateway to a small family of sites dealing with different things -- cosplay, plush toys, a personal profile, etc. Like myself, she seems to have an affinity for the color blue. I'll admit it, I find it much easier to design with blue than with other colors... That's why the page you're looking at right now is just blue up the kazoo. Well anyway... I like how the site's sectioned out, because if someone were to take all this stuff and make it into one site it'd be very hard to navigate, and worse yet, it'd seem more like a personal page that only her friends would really wanna visit than the average joe. But there's plenty to do at, believe you me... The plush operas come highly recommended. ^_^; A great site by someone who's very obviously proud of her many hobbies!"

"First of all, the index interface is chou kawaii! A great CosPlay portion of the page; I knew I'd seen her somewhere, considering we're both on the 'Top Cosplayers' list ^,^;. Each individual section has a truly unique feel, and content is interesting as well as humorous [the Plushie Drama.. "L" ]. Kudos, ElfEater!"

"The first thing I noticed upon arriving at the site was the way how each individual sections are organized and created to run in small windows. In the internet world today, it is really neat to see a site that offers easy access to its contents without the burden of having to spend couple minutes just for the Flash-intensive, Shockwave-spamming 'cover page' with nothing but a flashy logo on it that moves from left to right and then back, to finish loading up so you can finally START looking at the site itself. To keep it simple and easy to access is most definitly the best way to approach the general population of otakus out there. Adding to the clean and a soothing color theme for each portion of the site, the ElfEater also offers something that is relatively difficult to find on the net - a costume gallary and a customized costume creation service. With the exploding number of anime conference in the past two years (and most likely, in the future as well) this will sure come in handy for those of us who loves to dress up for the occasion but just don't have the time or talent to make a costume for themselves. The message board section also offers costume makers a place to get together and just chat about their hobby - costumes of course. ^_^"

"The layout is adorable. I really love the costumes, Elf Eater really has talent. My costumes are all created with nothing more than my handy dandy glue gun. But it is obvious that Elf Eater puts alot of time and effort into her costumes. And the CG art is awesome! This is a really nice page."

"This is so embarassing... Sugoi! is totally kawaii! Miss elf eater has turned her cosplay hobby into a business, and for good reason- her costumes are great! The extensive galleries and "plushie dramas" make it a fun site for the less cosplay inclined anime fans. The site is very well designed, with names and buttons adding to the super-cute feel. is a must see site for anyone even casually interested in cosplay and all things cute."

"Despite the bizarre name, Elf Eater sports a very cute and different design. The cute factor comes at the price of bandwidth though - everything's an image and it's killer on my pitiful dial-up. The costumes are absolutely delightful - I have to get my hands on a Pichu one! And Elf Eater being a babe doesn't hurt anything either, of course. ;D Plushie Drama is scary, but is hypnotizing in a bizarre way. Overall, it's a cute site well worth a look."

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