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Did you know: Leeds publishing, in association with Viz Communications, brought out a few issues of Golgo 13 under the title "The Professional: Golgo 13" back in 1991. The poor colorizing job and high price ($4.95 when the competition was less than half that) probably contributed to the series' inability to catch on.

As usual, we're willing to review anything you'll like from Japan. That includes ANYTHING -- Anime, Manga, canned beverages, toothpaste, music... anything. We mean it. So, if you have a review you'd like to see on Animefringe (we'll put it right here on this page with the rest of the month's reviews...) don't be afraid to send it over...

Angel Links Vol.1 DVD

She is young, stunningly beautiful, rich, and powerful... and she is still single! Who is she? She is the captain of the most advanced battle ship in the universe, the Angel Links!

By Ever Cheung - More...

Flint, the Time Detective Vol.4: "Can't We All Get Along?"

Flint and Co. battle Petra to capture the TimeShifters Getalong, Batterball, and Bindi. If they fail, the Time Tapestry will be torn and all time will collapse!

By Ridwan Khan - More...

Assemble Insert

Maron Kamikaze was a pop idol... wait that's not right. Maron Kamikaze became a pop idol much like Britney Spears. She couldn't dance, could barely even SING, but BOY... did she look HOT. However, Maron does have one more thing going for her.. she can kick some serious mecha butt.

By Adam "OMEGA" Arnold - More...

Tales of Eternia the Animation

Meet the party: the hero swordsman, Rid; the martial artist, Farah; the mysterious girl from Celestia, Melody; and the book-worm scientist, Keel. The Grand Fall is just around the corner - will our heroes be able to stop it in time and save the world? Watch, and find out... and you don't even have to beat the game!

By Ever Cheung - More...


A former military soldier has been chosen to protect a young girl from government forces that seek to exploit her amazing powers. Former comrades turn out to be working towards their own goals and at every step of the way, the past is constantly trying to undermine the mission at hand.

By Adam "OMEGA" Arnold - More...

Kia Asamiya's Nadesico Book 2

Yuriko's the captain of the Nadesico. Ruri is the cute girl genius. Akito is the cook who somehow became a pilot. 98 is Ruri's robot pal. Wait-a-minute... 98? Where did he come from? I sure don't remember him in the anime. Just who is this cute creature?

By Adam "OMEGA" Arnold - More...

Ghost Sweeper Mikami Book 1

Reiko Mikami is a ghost sweeper who gets rid of evil spirits for large corporations. Accompanied by her underpaid and perverted assistant Tada Yokishima and her late amd also underpaid assistant Kinu, Reiko goes around destroying evil spirits in skimpy costumes for lots and lots of money. (And showing her cleavage to her fans)

By Rebecca Lee - More...

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You are currently viewing an archived back issue of Animefringe Online Magazine. Click here to read our latest issue!