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Anime Briefs: July 2001
By Team Animefringe

I My Me! Strawberry Eggs

Brief by Ridwan Khan

I My Me! Strawberry Eggs started its run on WOWOW recently. The series features Hibiki Amawa, who wants to become a teacher. Unfortunately, he wants to become one at the all girl Seito Sannomiya school. So what is an enterprising young man to do? Dress up as a woman of course! As a female, Hibiki passes the school's teacher examination and becomes popular with his/her students. However, he gets into trouble when he falls for one of his fellow teachers. Strawberry Egg is scheduled for 13 episodes.

Fruit Basket

Brief by Ridwan Khan

Fruit Basket features Toru Honda, who suddenly finds herself an orphan and starting her first year of high school. She stumbles upon Shigure Soma by chance. He's cousin to Yuki Soma, the most popular girl at their high school. Yuki even has her own fan club! Through some coincidences, Yuki offers Toru a room at her house. However, the Soma family is posessed by animal's souls, and when met with the opposite sex, they transform into animals. Think Ranma 1/2. The show, put on by TV Tokyo, has major talent on it, including director Akitaro Daichi (Kodomo no Omocha, Jubei-Chan). Yui Horie (Naru, Love Hina) will voice Toru will Yuki will be played by Aya Hisakawa (Skuld, Chibi Aa Megami-sama).

NAJICA Dengeki Sakusen

Brief by Ridwan Khan

NAJICA Dengeki Sakusen (or NAJICA Battle Tactics) features Najica, a perfume woman and a special agent for a top secret organization. Najica, quite the perfectionist, lives in a post-apocolyptic world, where much of the dry land has been buried underwater. One of her missions involved rescuing a girl, who she is forced to team up with. While living with the girl, Najica stumbles on the girl's secret...that she is a cyborg/human hybrid. She needs to have daily knowledge programmed into her, and she completely lacks emotions. She also irritates Najica...! NAJICA is produced by Studio Fantasia

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You are currently viewing an archived back issue of Animefringe Online Magazine. Click here to read our latest issue!