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Animefringe: July 2001

Greetings, and welcome to our special summer issue. How better to spend the dog days of summer than by chilling in your room while you surf the net with Daft Punk playing, or by sitting in a crowded theater chomping on popcorn while the gorgeous Lara Croft (or better yet, Aki Ross) is on screen? We're willing to bet Animefringe's mascot Misaki could take on Aki in a one-on-one beach volleyball match! In other news, we'd like to let everyone know that the really cool website EX is back up and running after a long hiatus. If you haven't checked them out yet, you need to - but not until you've finished reading this month's issue. Oh, did we mention there's a new ADAMVISION? We know you want to see that most of all...

CGI: The Final Frontier

Earlier this year we brought you an exclusive interview with the producer of Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. This month we talk with the director himself, Horonobu Sakaguchi, as well as the cast and crew, to find out just how landmark a film Final Fantasy is. See what the creators have to say about the animation, the DVD, and Aki Ross' butt!

By Jake Forbes - More...

The Volatile World of Fansubs: An Inside Peek!

Ok, you know what a fansub is, right? Surely you do, so we don't have to explain that simple concept. You've probably even seen a truckload of them, but do you really know about the headache that goes into creating them? Animefringe went straight to one of the oldest fansubbers around, Kodocha Anime, for the inside scoop of where fansubs have been, and where they are heading. You might even figure out if you have what it takes to be a fansubber...

By Holly Kolodziejczak - More...

Daft Punk: Music Videos with a Point

Daft Punk has become one of the most recognized non-Japanese musical groups among anime fans, and is even more well-known in techno circles. It seems that techno and anime together has always resulted in a mind-numbing combination, but it's never been given a plot until now. If you haven't seen Leiji Matsumoto's (Captain Harlock, Galaxy Express 999) music videos based on the music of the duo of robots that make up Daft Punk, then you can't truly call yourself an otaku.

By Ridwan Khan - More...

ADAMVISION: How to Otakize Your Room

Finally, after a long hiatus, ADAMVISION is back with a brand new installment guaranteed to make you jealous... of the OTAKU ROOM OF TOMORROW! This time around, Adam is here with bells on to teach you how to otakize your room - and if you read now, we'll even throw in the full, no-holds-barred tour of Adam's pad... ABSOLUTELY FREE! Trust us, there is plenty of fan service... and you might just learn something along the way. Oh, and this one is dedicated to all you *single* ladies out there... Enjoy...

By Adam "OMEGA" Arnold and Steve Diabo (Kaneda) - More...

Editorial: Chasing Otakuism - Summer of San

For Otaku, summer means two things- conventions and movies! This month we take a look at the latter topic- Does anime have a future in American multiplexes? We took this question to the ultimate anime answer man, John Oppliger of Check here for "Ask John's" answer.

By John Oppliger - More...

Anime Briefs

Ok, you can't figure out what to do for the summer... why not chill in front of the TV with some brand new shows. Well, unless you live in Japan, you probably won't see these shows for a while unless you're feeling up to watching some fansubs. If you are then be sure to check out I My Me! Strawberry Eggs, Fruit Basket, and NAJICA Dengeki Sakusen, because you might just find your next favorite series.

By Team Animefringe - More...

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